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A Timeline of Horror was a book and series of journals collected by parapsychologist Dr. Johnathan Rankin. The tomes documented a long history of both paranormal events and reported monster sightings, mostly from England, Germany, France and the United States.

(Note: This bio describes pre-selected events from several chosen horror movie franchises.)


  • 1960, January 29 - Alexa Grady born to Delbert Grady in Colorado. (The Shining - 1980/1997/Doctor Sleep 2019)
  • 1960, March 18 -
    • Eric Forman is born in Point Place, Michigan.

      Eric Forman

    • Professor Samuel Kittridge discovers Jameson is functionally immortal and refuses to allow him to marry his daughter, but Jameson is murdered by Laurette Bowen, his elderly ex-wife, and crumbles into dust. (Twilight Zone - Long Live Walter Jameson)
  • 1960, April 1 - A physicist named Professor George Manion is found dead in his laboratory near the body of 1880s outlaw Joseph Caswell who has been removed from his hanging in the past. The bodies are found by police searching for a petty thief named Paul Johnson. (Twilight Zone: Execution)
  • 1960, June 10 - Employees at a department store deal with a customer named Marsha White who vanishes after accidentally being locked in the store over night. (Twilight Zone: The After Hours)
  • 1960, June 16 - Marion Crane embezzles $40,000 from the real estate company she works at in Phoenix, Arizona. Her whereabouts are unknown for several months. (Psycho - 1960)
  • 1960, June 25 - Private investigator Milton Arbogast arrives at the Bates Motel looking for Marion Crane. Although he finds nothing amiss, he still feels something amiss and returns to talk to Norman's mother. He isn't seen alive again. (Psycho - 1960)
  • 1960, September - In Fairvale, California, hotel owner Norman Bates is arrested for an attack on Lila Loomis, Marion Crane's sister. After the body of his mother is found preserved in his home, he confesses to murdering Marion Crane and several others. (Psycho - 1960)

Norman Bates

  • 1961 - Katherine Krueger is born to Freddie and Loretta Krueger. After Loretta discovers evidence that Freddie is the Springwood Slasher, he murders her in front of their daughter, who is later taken away and adopted with the name Maggie Burroughs. (Freddy's Dead: Final Nightmare - 1991)
  • 1961, February 10 - In the hospital for exhaustion, dancer Elizabeth Powell has a dream with a strange nurse trying to admit her to the morgue. When she's released, a stewardess at the airport resembling her frightens her off a plane that crashes. (Twilight Zone: 22)
  • 1961, February 24 - Global Flight 33 from London to New York City vanishes en route. (Twilight Zone: The Odyssey of Flight 33)
  • 1961, April 7 - Locals at a New Mexico encounter a man from the desert talking about a wagon train in the desert. When he flees, he leaves behind a period rifle. (Twilight Zone: A Hundred Yards Over The Rim)
  • 1961, April 14 - Professor Peter Corrigan is involved in a discussion with colleagues at the Potomac Club regarding time travel. He returns several minutes after departing to discover a previous server named William is now a member of the club. (Twilight Zone: Back There)
  • 1961, November 22 - Cynthia Myers (later Laurie Strode) born in Haddonfield, Illinois. (Halloween 2 - 1981)
  • 1962, January 28 - Alexandra "Lexie" Grady born to Delbert Grady in Colorado. (The Shining - 1980/1997/Doctor Sleep 2019)
  • 1962, March 17 - A group of research physicists equipped with numerous devices investigate the Miller House after the girl living there disappears and reappears under odd circumstances. (Twilight Zone: Little Girl Lost)
  • 1962, Summer - There is another attempt to re-open Camp Crystal Lake, but the well water on the grounds have gone bad. The legend of the grounds being jinxed continues. (Friday the 13th - 1980)
  • 1962, October 15 - The Antonia Graza luxury passenger ship departs Sicily and sails bound for New York City, but the ship disappears and is believed lost in a storm. (Ghost Ship - 2002)
  • 1963, April 4 - After the owner of the Ferguson Wax Museum announces he has to close the museum, his tour guide Martin Senescu pleads with him to let him store the Murderer's Row figures in his house. (Twilight Zone - The New Exhibit)
00martin senescu.jpg
  • 1963, May 2 - Senescu and his wife end up broke from keeping their basement cold to preserve the Guilmont figures from the local wax museum. Martin's wife, Emma, reportedly leaves him to stay with his sister, and her suspicious brother, Dave, vanishes soon after. (Twilight Zone - The New Exhibit)
  • 1963, June - Molly Nagle's parents get married. (Sleepaway Camp 2 - 1988)
  • 1963, June 1 - The publicity in the Senescu Murders inspires Guilmont to create a figure of Martin Senescu to add to their previous five figures in the Murder's Row exhibit. (Twilight Zone: The New Exhibit)
  • 1963, September 14 - After Elise sees a female presense in her home, her father threatens to beat her, but she resists him and moves out to live in her own to escape his abuse. Years later, she realizes the woman she saw wasn't an apparition, but a girl his father had imprisoned in the basement trying to escape. (Insidious: The Last Key - 2018)
  • 1963, September 18 - Dr. David Markway invites two psychics for an investigation of Crain Manor, better known as Hill House. (The Haunting - 1963)

Dr. David Markway at Hill House

  • 1963, October 31 - After years of psychological abuse, six-year-old Michael Myers murders his teenage sister, Judith Myers, and her boyfriend, Ronnie Brolin, with a butcher knife on Halloween. He gets committed at Smith's Grove Sanitarium where takes up the hobby of creating papier-mâché masks and receives unsuccessful therapy from Dr. Samuel Loomis alongside Dr. Terence Wynn.(Halloween 1978/Halloween 2007)
  • 1964, March 6 - A Hollywood journalist named Jordan Harrick disappears after interviewing actress Pamela Norris. (Twilight Zone: Queen of the Nile)
  • 1964, June 25 - Three National Guardsmen, Sgt. William Connors, Pvt. Michael McCluskey, Cpl. Richard Langsford, are reported missing during maneuvers near Custer's Last Stand. (Twilight Zone: The 7th Is Made Up of Phantoms)
  • 1964, September 18 - Sam Hillard, a Truant Officer in the Westchester County School System, heads out to Cemetery Grove to investigate the Addams family and learn why their kids aren't attending school. (The Addams Family - 1964-1967)

The Addams Family

  • 1964, September 20 - Herman Munster, the one true "Frankenstein Monster," takes up residence in the United States at 1313 Mockingbird Lane in the city of Mockingbird Heights near Los Angeles, California. He is joined by his wife, Lily, his son, Edward, his niece, Marilyn, and his father-in-law, Count Dracula. (The Munsters - 1964-1967)

Count Dracula and Herman Munster (The Frankenstein Monster)

  • 1965, January 3 - The Myers are killed in an automobile accident, and Cynthia is entered into the foster care system, getting adopted by Morgan and Pamela Strode, who name her Laurie. The Governor of Illinois kept her records sealed to protect her from Michael although years later, Laurie has vaugue memories of visiting Michael in the hospital. (Halloween 2 - 1981)
  • 1965, Fall - College students carry out over ten tons of debris from the ruins of Old Seattle under the city to restore the ruins. The restored tunnels become part of the Seattle Underground Tour. (The Night Strangler - 1973)
  • 1965-1968, November - Architect Michael Sarachino and his wife life in the Old Chessman House near Seattle. They are the last family to live there. A grant from Senator Joseph Carmichael allows the Seattle Historical Society to acquire the house to use for storing antiques. (The Changeling - 1980)
  • 1966, March 16 - Dr. Victor Frankenstein IV tracks down Herman, his ancestor's creation, for help in stabilizing the behavior of another creation (possibly that of Victor Frankenstein II). (The Munsters - 1964-1967)
  • 1966, June - The Zorba family inherit the home and estate of Plato Zorba near Los Angeles and discover the house is haunted. Zorba's technology and research is still in the house. (13 Ghosts - 1966)
  • 1966, June 14 - The Montague family is found bound to patio furniture and drowned in their swimming pool. One of the children are never found. (Sinister - 2012)
  • 1966, July 20 - Aspiring reporter Luther Hegg of Rachel, Kansas is humiliated when he erroneously reports on the murder of local inebriate Calver Weems. (The Ghost and Mr. Chicken - 1966)
  • 1966, July 22 - Hegg has been encouraged to stay the night in the Simmons House on the 20th Anniversary of the murders. He's found the following morning passed in the house. (The Ghost and Mr. Chicken - 1966)
  • 1966, July 27 - Hegg is sued by Nicholas Simmons for libel after his article about the ghosts of the Simmons House delay his plans to demolish it. However, the resulting investigation of the house finds Simmons a suspect in the murders of his aunt and uncle. (The Ghost and Mr. Chicken - 1966)
  • 1966, September 20 - Norville "Shaggy" Rogers adopts a Great Dane puppy he names "Scooby Doo" after Scooby-brand dog biscuits. (Scooby Doo, Where Are You - 1968-1989)
  • 1967, September 9 - Victoria Winters arrives in Collinsport, Maine to become governess of of David Collins at Collinwwod, the home of the Collins Family. (Dark Shadows - 1966 to 1972)
  • 1967, September 13 - William Malloy, a close associate of Elizabeth-Collins Stoddard, is found murdered near Widow's Hill in Collinsport, Maine. (Dark Shadows - 1966 to 1972)
  • 1967, November 5 - Barnabas Collins, a relative of the Collins Family, arrives in Collinsport, Maine. Sporadic vampire-like attacks occur in the area. (Dark Shadows - 1966 to 1972)
  • 1967, January 26 - A séance is held at Collinwood after David Collins reports encountering the ghost of Sara Collins, who died of fever in 1796. (Dark Shadows - 1966 to 1972)
  • 1967, October 14 to November 16 - Professor Howard Fuchs leads an expedition to the unmarked tomb of Tera, an Egyptian queen so evil that her priests drugged her and buried her alive. After the remains are taken to London, his daughter, Margaret has several nightmares about being buried alive, and her father's rival, Lewis Corbek, convinces her to perform a ritual to bring Tera to life. However, the ritual results in an explosion which only Fuchs and his daughter survive. (Blood from the Mummy's Tomb - 1967)
  • 1968 - After a long murder trial, the case against Freddie Krueger is tossed out because a neglectful police officer failed to sign the search warrant. Several of the parents of the murdered children hunt down Freddie Krueger and burn him alive in the boiler room of Springwood Elementary. (Freddy's Dead: Final Nightmare - 1991)
  • 1968, January 27 - The ghosts of Quentin Collins and Beth Chavez first appear at Collinwood. (Dark Shadows - 1966 to 1972)
  • 1968, July 18 - Five unidentified flower children rob the Hudson Valley Citizen's Bank in Amelia, New York. The money is never recovered and the thieves are never apprehended, but fifty years later, one of them is identified as Susan "Flower/Daisy" Montero, who was killed by a bear two days after the robbery in the woods near Woodstone Manor. (Ghosts - 2021-Recent)
  • 1969, September 13 - While walking home from the movies, Norville "Shaggy" Rogers discover a black suit of armor in the front seat of a deserted pickup truck in the street. After he and his friends deliver it to the local museum, they learn that the archaeologist who was transporting the suit is missing amidst rumors of the armor coming to life in the museum. A further investigation reveals the rumor is a ruse for criminal activities. (Scooby Doo: Where Are You? - What a Night for a Knight)
  • 1969, November 18 - Peter and Angela Baker are born to John Baker (Sleepaway Camp 1 - 1983)
  • 1969, June 26 - The remains of Kharis are uncovered by the Southern Engineering Company trying to drain the local swamp for development. Two representatives of the Scripps Museum in Mapleton, Dr. James Halsey and Dr. Ilzor Zandaab, arrive to reclaim him. Zandaab and an associate, Regheb, are both members of the Cult of Kharis and conceal him in a deserted monastery. (The Mummy's Curse - 1944)
  • 1969, June 27 - Amina rises the swamp in an amnesiac state. A local name Cajun Joe takes her to Tante Berthe to care for her, but Kharis murders Berthe and Amina flees. (The Mummy's Curse - 1944)
  • 1969, June 28 - Amina is found again by Dr. James Halsey and Betty Walsh, the niece of Pat Walsh, the head of the swamp project. Halsey is stunned by her incredible knowledge of ancient Egypt, but Kharis appears once more and she flees once more. She turns up at Betty's tent looking for help, but Kharis catches up and takes her to the monastery. (The Mummy's Curse - 1944)
  • 1969, June 29 - Betty approaches Ragheb for help in saving Amina for his help in finding Dr. Halsey, but he takes her to the monastery instead where Zandaab has given the tana fluid to Amina. When Ragheb makes advances toward Betty, Zandaab orders her death, but Ragheb kills him instead. Halsey arrives to save Betty, but Kharis turns on Ragheb for betraying him, bringing down walls down on both of them. Halsey and Betty eventually find the mummified remains of Amina mummified as Princess Ananka in the adjoining room. (The Mummy's Curse - 1944)
  • 1969, September 20 - During a weekend in the Florida Keys, Fred, Daphne, Shaggy and Shaggy explore the spooky Vasquez Castle looking for its ghosts and discovered a fugitive magician presiding there and scaring off sight-seekers as he searches for treasure. (Scooby Doo, Where Are You - Hassle In The Castle)
  • 1969, September 27 - At a party near Coeursville's Rocky Point Beach, Fred and his friends encounter what seems to be the ghost of Captain Jonas Cutler wandering the beach, only to learn that he faked his death the year before. (Scooby Doo, Where Are You - A Clue For Scooby Doo)
  • 1969, November 9 - The Leviathan Cult first arrives in Collinsport, Maine. (Dark Shadows - 1966 to 1972)
  • 1969, November 8 - While picking up a pizza, Shaggy discovers a violin case filled with counterfeit money. Fred Jones and his friends trace the string puppet controller at the scene to the abandoned theater where they are terrified by the figures appearing and disappearing, a show put on by counterfeiters hiding out in the abandoned theater. (Scooby Doo: Where Are You? - The Backstage Rage)
  • 1969, November 22, 1969 - Fred and the gang hear about nearby Franken Castle being constructed from ruins taken from Transylvania. Inside the closed attraction, they are haunted by the movie images of Count Dracula, the Frankenstein Monster and the Wolfman, a stunt they learn is used by criminal Robert Oakley to use the castle as a base of operations. (Scooby Doo: Where Are You? - A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts)
  • 1969, November 25 - During a return visit to the Coeursville Historical Museum, Fred Jones and his friends learn it is now being haunted by the 3,000-year-old remains of a mummy. When the museum curator is seemingly turned to stone, they search closer and discover Egyptologist Dr. Anton Najib was using the legend to search for a relic leading to a greater treasure. (Scooby Doo: Where Are You? - Scooby-Doo and a Mummy, Too)
  • 1969, October 11 - During a trip out west, Fred and his friends encounter the ghost of the "Miner Forty Nine" at the Gold City Dude Ranch, only to learn that the foreman Hank Gamble is using the legend in a property scam. (Scooby Doo, Where Are You - Mine Your Own Business)
  • 1969, October 18 - Fred and Daphne head to the Weatherby Estate to help out their school mate, Sharon Weatherby, being haunted by the ghost of Elias Kingston from the abandoned Kingston Mansion on the grounds. Her Uncle Stuart turns out to be using the legend to scare her away from her inheritance. (Scooby Doo, Where Are You - What The Hex Is Going On?)
  • 1969, November 29 - Fred takes his friends to visit Ohio's Franken Castle, a Romanian castle that was rebuilt brick by brick to the United States. The landmark, however, is closed down as the gang is seemingly haunted by the ghosts of Dracula, a werewolf and the Frankenstein Monster, inventions of a thief named Robert Oakley scaring off tourists to rob the castle's treasures. (Scooby Doo, Where Are You - A Gaggle Of Galloping Ghosts)
  • 1969, December 6 - Lost in the back roads near the community of Swamp's End, Fred and Shaggy encounter a reported zombie haunting the area. When they search for it again, they learn the legend is a hoax for two locals who lost an armored truck in the swamp years before. (Scooby Doo: Where Are You? - Which Witch Is Which?)
  • 1969, December 13 - Running out of gas near an abandoned military base, Fred and the gang are terrified by a ghastly figure in an astronaut bodysuit. When they investigate closer, they witness a spectral spacecraft that has been scaring off locals. When they try searching for the specter again, they learn that local farmer Henry Bascomb created the story to buy up the properties after hearing the military would be opening the airfield again. (Scooby Doo: Where Are You? - Spooky Space Kook)
  • 1969, December 20 - After growing adept in their detective skills, Fred, Shaggy, Velma and Daphne present their skills to local shipping magnate, C. L. Magus, after hearing that a ghost named Redbeard has shut down activity in the harbor. When they investigate the haunting, they discover evidence Magnus was raiding his own ships and selling the cargo to keep his failing business afloat. (Scooby Doo: Where Are You? - Go Away, Ghost Ship)
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