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A Timeline of Horror was a book and series of journals collected by parapsychologist Dr. Johnathan Rankin. The tomes documented a long history of both paranormal events and reported monster sightings, mostly from England, Germany, France and the United States.

(Note: This bio describes pre-selected events from several chosen horror movie franchises.)


  • c. 1785 BC - A servant named Prem spirits away Prince Kah-To-Bey after invading Hyksos Armies conquer Egypt. Escaping to Nubia, he shelters the boy in exile, and after the prince dies, he leaves instruction that his body be mummified to stand guard on his tomb. (The Mummy's Shroud - 1966)
  • c. 1760 BC - Kharis, High Priest of Karnak, falls in love with Princess Ananka, daughter of Pharaoh Smenkhkare, and tries to restore her to life to be his bride with a drink of tana leaves. However, he is discovered and sentenced to have his tongue cut out and buried alive at the Hill of the Jackals, guarding the entrance to the Tomb of Ananka. To keep anyone else from learning the secret of the leaves, they are buried with him. (The Mummy's Hand - 1940)
  • c. 1350 BC - Imhotep, a High Priest in Egypt's Temple of Thoth steals the Scroll of Thoth in an attempt to resurrect Princess Anck-suna-Ammun, his dead lover. However, he is caught violating the tomb and the princess's father, Pharaoh Amenophis III, orders him to be tortured, mummified and buried alive. The scroll is buried with him to prevent anyone else from attempting the ritual. (The Mummy - 1932/1999)
  • c. 1345 - The Argive prince Perseus slays Medusa the Gorgon in Ancient Libya. Medusa's sister, Megaera (Megara), survives for centuries in the bodies of women. A fragment of Medusa passes into the custody of several necromancers. (The Gorgon (1964)/F13: The Series - A Friend To The End)
  • 1194-1184 BC - Hellenic Armies wage war on the city of Troy for control of the Hellespont. According to mythology, King Agamemnon of Mycenae instigates the war after the Trojan prince Paris abducts Helen, the wife of King Menelaus of Sparta. (Kolchak: The Night Stalker: The Youth Killer)
  • c. 40 BC - The future Walter Jamison meets an alchemist who preforms magic spells that retard his age, allowing him to stay the same age for the rest of his life, among other spells. (Twilight Zone: Long Live Walter Jameson)
  • 30 BC, April 20 - Cleopatra VII fakes her death and uses Egyptian mysticism to elongate her life using scarab beetles. (Twilight Zone - Queen of the Nile)


  • c. 10 AD - The Ahrimanu Stone (later known as the Pigafetta Tablet) is created in Ancient Babylon by persons unknown and remains lost for several centuries. (Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Demon In Lace)
  • c. 510 - In the second year of the reign of King Mark of England, a maiden named Helene is accused and behead on accusation of witchcraft. A stranger named Quintus documents her death. (The Undead - 1957)
  • c. 1007/1008 - Seven winters after the Battle of Svolder, a Viking named Thorfinn is accidentally left behind at the future site of Woodstone Mansion after a hunting trip. He loses his life when a lightening bolt hits his helmet. (Ghosts - 2021-Recent)
  • c. 1060 - During the First Crusades, Jerome of Hapsburg encounters the Ahrimanu Stone (later known as the Pigafetta Tablet) which is considered both despised and feared. (Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Demon In Lace)
  • c. 1222, March - Guy de Mettencourt engages in battle with the Duke of Strasberg. Wearing armor forged by a necromancer, he is slain by the Duke wielding the Holy Axe blessed by the Pope. (Kolchak: The Night Stalker - The Knightly Murders)
  • c. 1300 - Two Saxon chieftains quarrel with each other in search of a mystical tome known as the Necromonicon, but a man falls from the sky with a weapon the sound of thunder and help them defeat the living dead conjured by the mystic relic. (Evil Dead 2 - 1987/Army Of Darkness 1993)
  • 1367 - Count Vladimir Dracula (the one true Dracula) is born in Transylvania and uncovers great mystical powers through alchemy including long life. It is also claimed he might be a vampire and he might have helped create the Frankenstein Monster. (The Munsters - 1965)
  • 1428 - Vlad Tepesich (Vlad III) is born in Sighisoara, Wallachia. (Now part of modern Romania) As an adult, he takes the title of Vlad Dracul. (Dracula - 1933/1958)
  • c. 1520 - The Italian scholar Antonio Pigafetta returns to Jerusalem and discovers the Ahrimanu Stone, which becomes known as the Pigafetta Tablet. Several people connected with its discovery die mysterious deaths and Pigafetta tries to destroy it but is encoraged to bury it. It gets retireved by a Bedouin chieftain Uhsef Al-Mamudi. (Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Demon In Lace)

Elizabeth Bathory

  • 1560, August 7 - Countess Elizabeth Bathory is born in Nietsche, Austria. (Countess Dracula - 1970)
  • 1611, January 2-7 - Countess Elizabeth Bathory is tried for multiple murders of young girls for her blood baths, making her the earliest know serial killer in world history. She is walled up in her room at Cachtice Castle until her death in 1612. (Countess Dracula - 1970)


Armand Tesla

  • 1744, October 15 - Romanian scientist Armand Tesla writes a book on the existence of vampires and the dark arts. After his death, he returns to life as a vampire. (Return of the Vampire - 1942)
  • 1764 - Victor von Frankenstein born to Alphonse and Caroline von Frankenstein in Naples, Italy. Heir to the Swiss barony, he studies medicine and biochemistry, later shortening his name to Dr. Victor Frankenstein (Frankenstein 1931/1957)
  • 1777, July 20 - Two weeks after a conditional surrender at Fort Ticonderoga, Captain Isaac Higgentoot succumbs to dysentery while Colonial Armies are in possession of Woodstone Mansion in Upper New York. He is buried on the grounds with other victims of the disease. (Ghosts - 2021-Recent)
  • 1778, September 30 - Melissa Wilcox is the last known witch trial in Salem, Massachusetts. According to legend, she promises to return in 200 years. (Scooby Doo: Where Are You? - To Switch A Witch")
  • 1781 - Caroline Frankenstein passes away (Literary)
  • 1785, February - Several children accuse Elly Kedward of luring them into the woods to draw blood from them. Found guilty of witchcraft, she is banished from the village and tied to a tree in the woods where she is left to die. (The Blair Witch Project - 1999)
  • 1786 - November - All of Kedward's accusers and half of the town's children vanish or are found dead of one infliction or another. The surviving townsfolk flee the area under the belief that the town of Blair is now cursed. (The Blair Witch Project - 1999)
  • 1795 - In his experiments, Frankenstein creates a figure from the parts of dead bodies and restores it to life near Ingolstadt, Germany, but the creature escapes and goes on a killing spree. (Frankenstein 1931/1957/Bride Of Frankenstein 1935)
  • 1795, March 7 - Barnabas Collins, the scion of the wealthy Collins Family of Maine, sails to England to conduct business for the family. In Collinsport, Maine, there are a series of attacks of local women. (Dark Shadows - 1966 to 1972)
  • 1796 - Ludwig Frankenstein born. (Ghost of Frankenstein - 1942)
  • 1796, April 1 - An alleged witch known as Victoria Winters is hanged in Collinsport, Maine, but she is mysterious replaced on the gallows by a young governess named Phyllis Wick. (Dark Shadows - 1966 to 1972)
  • 1785 - Wolfgang Frankenstein born. (Son of Frankenstein - 1936)


  • 1804 - Kah, the high priest of the Temple of the Seven Golden Vampires in China approaches Dracula to restore the Seven Golden Vampires in his homeland. Dracula uses him to escape his castle, where he has been held captive and travels for China. (Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires - 1974)
  • 1809 November - A rare book called, "The Blair Witch Cult," is published. Considered fiction, the book tells the story of the abandoned town of Blair. (The Blair Witch Project - 1999)
  • 1816, August 11 - Victor Frankenstein II is born to Ludwig Frankenstein. (The Curse of Frankenstein - 1957)
  • 1818 - Mary Shelley writes "Frankenstein - A Modern Prometheus" from the diary of Robert Walton II, the son of the ship's captain, who took Dr. Victor von Frankenstein's deathbed confession. (Hypothetical)
  • 1824 - Burkittsville is founded on the former site of Blair, Maryland. (The Blair Witch Project - 1999)
  • 1825, August 13 - Eleven witnesses report seeing a pale woman's hand emerge from Tappy East Creek near Burkittsville reach out and grab ten-year-old Eileen Treacle into the water. Her body is never found, but for two weeks, the creek is clogged with oily bundles of sticks. (The Blair Witch Project - 1999)
  • 1826, January 28 - William Burke is executed for the murders of 16 people whose bodies he sold to the medical colleges. his accomplice, William Hare, is acquitted of all charges. (Twight Zone: The New Exhibit)
  • 1830-1833 - A cholera outbreak hits the Hudson Valley region of New York with hundreds of deaths. Several deaths are recorded at the original Woodstone Mansion near St. Anne's Parish which is burned down to prevent further spread of the disease. (Ghosts - 2021-Recent)
  • 1834 - Frankenstein's son, Wolfgang Frankenstein, learns that the body of the monster has been hidden in the catacombs of his father's castle by a local shepherd named Ygor, who asks him to restore it to life. The creature is later lost in the sulfur pit under the castle. (Son of Frankenstein - 1936)
  • 1837 - Ygor discovers the monster has survived the pit and takes him to Ludwig Frankenstein in the town of Visaria, Germany to have him restored to health. He promises to destroy the monster, but after several deaths, it's learned that he is conducting experiments on it, and villagers storm his chateau as it burns down. (Ghost Of Frankenstein - 1942)
  • 1838 - Dr. Richard Malcom born. (The Night Strangler - 1973)
  • 1843, December 25 - Ebenezer Scrooge, a wealthy London money lender, is visited by three ghosts. (A Christmas Carol 1938/1984/Scrooge 1928/1951/1970)
  • 1846, May 7 - A group of settlers led by Christian Horn leave Illinois for California. (Twilight Zone: A Hundred Yards Over The Rim)
  • 1847, April 7 - Horn's group of settlers of Ohio stop briefly in the territory of New Mexico to look for water. Horn briefly disappears and returns with medicine for his sick son. (Twilight Zone: A Hundred Yards Over The Rim)
  • 1855, February 12 - Victor Frankenstein III is born, the grandson of Wolfgang Frankenstein. (The Horror of Frankenstein - 1970)
  • 1860, September to October - Noted Dr. Henry Jekyll conducts research and experiments to cure the bestial and animal aspects of the human mind, but his potion actually releases the dark side of his mind as a personality calling itself, Edward Hyde. (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - 1922/1932/1941)
  • 1860, March - Shanghai'd as a member of an oyster sloop, Albert W. Hicks attacks his perpetrators Captain George H. Burr and two other crew members with an ax, murdering them and throwing their bodies overboard. During his escape, he collided with the schooner J. R. Mather. He was hanged for piracy on July 13, 1860 in New York City, New York (Twilight Zone: The New Exhibit)
  • 1860, May 2 - In Karlstadt, Germany, forty-four-year old Victor Frankenstein II picks up his ancestor's research and expands on his work, alienating his longtime friend and partner, Paul Krempe, and creating a cadaver out of parts from corpses and succeeding in reanimating it. However, the monster is not as obedient or docile as Frankenstein has expected, and it runs amok, resulting in murder and chaos, resulting in crimes for which he is convicted. (The Curse of Frankenstein - 1957)
  • 1860, May 20 - With the help of a crippled dwarf named Karl, Frankenstein escapes the gallows, and a murdered priest takes his place in his grave. (The Revenge of Frankenstein - 1958)
  • 1863, March 24 - Lucille Sharpe born in Allerdale, England. (Crimson Peak - 2015)
  • 1863, May 25 - Bathsheba Sherman, a suspected witch living on the Arnold Estate near Harrisville, Rhode Island sacrifices her week-old child in a demonic ritual and cursing all who would take her land before taking her life. (The Conjuring - 2013)
  • 1863, June 1 - Fleeing to Karlsbruck, Germany, Baron Frankenstein poses as a physician named Stein alongside an eager young assistant Hans Kleve, who helps him in his experiments. They transplant the brain of a crippled man named Karl into a new patchwork body, and although the operation is successful, the process isn't stable and Karl's body starts deteriorating. After escaping and going on a cannibalistic rampage, he outs Frankenstein's identity and ruins his new sterling reputation before dying. Kleve again helps him fake his death by using the process to restore him to life after he has been beaten to death by his patients. (The Revenge of Frankenstein - 1958)
  • 1864, September 11 - Walter Jameson serves as an officer in the Union Army with William Tecumseh Sherman near Atlanta. (Twilight Zone - Long Live Walter Jameson)
  • 1865, April 14 - John Wilkes Booth assassinates President Abraham Lincoln after Peter Corrigan tries to warn the police. One of the officers later develops a career in politics after trying to attract help for the president. (Twilight Zone - Back There)

John Wilkes Booth

  • 1866, November 1 - Tess Webb is born in Edbrook, England. As an adult, she is hired as the nanny to the Mariel Children at Edbrook Hall. (The Haunted - 1995)
  • 1867, February 9 - Thomas Sharpe born in Allerdale, England. (Crimson Peak - 2015)
  • 1868, April-May - While Dr. Richard Malcolm is living in New York City, six women are murdered by having their throats crushed over seventeen days. He moves to Seattle. (The Night Strangler - 1973)
  • 1869, April 19 - After several years, Dr. Frankenstein II returns secretly to Karlstadt to retrieve valuables to continue his experiments. When he discovers his original creature still alive in the mountains, he recruits the help of a hypnotist named Zoltan to control it and fetch his stolen valuable from the locals. However, the two men struggle over control of the monster with only Frankenstein escaping. (The Evil of Frankenstein - 1964)
  • 1872, March 15 - After escaping the fire three years prior, Frankenstein has altered his research and believes he can transfer the life force ("soul") from one body to another. He transfers the soul of his deceased assistant Hans into the body of Han's lover, Christina, and she goes after to kill the men who had wronged them to avenge their deaths. (Frankenstein Created Woman - 1967)
  • 1873, October 27 - Hugh Crain constructs Hill House as a gift to his wife in Massachusetts. She dies in an accident on the grounds. (The Haunting - 1963)
  • 1874, May 22 - When Frankenstein seeks out his former associate, Dr. Frederick Brandt, he finds him mentally deranged and confined to a lunatic asylum. After he dies, he decides to transplant Brandt's brain into the body of the asylum administrator, Professor Richter, to cure him and find some missing notes. As Richter, Brandt attacks Frankenstein and tries to kill him in a fire. (Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed - 1969)
  • 1875, November 8 - Another descendant, Victor Frankenstein III is forbidden in dabbling in their ancestor's research and murders his own father in order to inherit his title and fortune. Dropping out of school to concentrate on the research, he creates a new monster that goes on a homicidal rampage and is destroyed in acid. (The Horror of Frankenstein - 1970)
  • 1876, June 25 - General George Custer leads the Seventh Calvary against an armed engagement between combined forces of the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes along the Little Bighorn River in the Crow Indian Reservation in southeastern Montana Territory. (Twilight Zone - The 7th Is Made Up of Phantoms)
  • 1877, June 13 - Beatrice Sharpe of Allerdale Hall in England is murdered in the bathtub by her daughter, Lucille, who is sent away to a mental hospital afterward. Her son, Edward, is sent to boarding school. (Crimson Peak - 2015)
  • 1877, October 25 - Edith Cushing born to wealthy businessman Carter Cushing in Buffalo, New York. (Crimson Peak - 2015)
  • 1879, May 2 - Dr. Simon Helder is sentenced to an insane asylum for trying to continue Frankenstein's research and ends up recognizes him as Dr. Carl Victor at the asylum. Due to his hands being damaged in the 1874 fire, he has Helder assist in creating a new monster from the body of an insane murderer, who returns to life and sets out to hunt down those who abused him. (Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell - 1974)
  • 1881, October 31, - On her twenty-first birthday, Janet Smith inherits her ancestral home outside London. After discovering a hidden laboratory in the house, she is told by her guardian, Dr. Thomas Lomas, that she is actually the daughter of the late, Dr. Henry Jekyll. After dreams of several murders become true, Jamet learns that Lomas has been hypnotizing her to cover up the deaths he has caused as a werewolf. (The Daughter of Doctor Jekyll - 1952)
  • 1882, April - Civil War surgeon Dr. Richard Malcolm founds Westside Mercy Hospital in Seattle, Washington. (The Night Strangler - 1973)
  • c, 1883-1885 - Elias and Hedwig ("Hetty") Woodstone rebuild Woodstone Mansion on a larger scale upon the original site. Family members experience the ghosts of Thorfinn, Captain Higgintoot, a Native America named Sassapis and the Cholera ghosts for several generations. Hetty's spirit is seen several times after her death. (Ghosts - 2021-Recent)
  • 1883, June 18 - David and Juliet Ash are born on their father's estate near London, England. After Juliet's death in 1905, David's mother returns with him to the United States and raises him near Chicago, Illinois. (The Haunted - 1995)
  • 1886, March - Eight-year-old Robin Weaver vanishes in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland. Although she is later found, one of the search parties never return and are found days later ritually sacrificed at Coffin Rock. (The Blair Witch Project - 1999)
  • 1887 - The Vatican Church employs a special hunter they have named Van Helsing to investigate and evaluate paranormal events in Western Europe. It is believed he may have had a hand in the death of Dr. Henry Jekyll (AKA Edward Hyde) before fighting Dracula from obtaining another Frankenstein Monster. (Van Helsing - 2007)
  • 1887, March 16 - Thomas Sharpe marries Pamela Upton in London. Pamela is never seen again after moving away to his home. (Crimson Peak - 2015)
  • 1887, September 25 - Ten-year old Edith Cushing loses her mother to cholera. Her mother's spirit appears to her the night of her funeral and warns her about Crimson Peak. (Crimson Peak - 2015)

Jack The Ripper

  • 1888, April 3 to November 9 - Five women are murdered over seven months in the White Chapel area of London by a figure the press calls Jack the Ripper. Despite an extensive manhunt, the killer is never caught. (Twilight Zone - The New Exhibit/Kolchak: The Night Stalker: The Ripper)
  • 1889, June 6 - The Great Seattle fire occurs. The wife and daughter of Dr. Richard Malcolm die from excessive smoke inhalation. The first of a series of murders occurring twenty-years apart start. (The Night Strangler - 1973)
  • 1891, December 18 - A tuberculosis epidemic ravages Europe and much of the world. Among the deaths, Bertha Mills and two servants lose their lives to the disease at the Demonbreun Estate on Jersey in the Channel Islands. (The Others - 2001)
  • 1899, January 11 - Janos Skorzeny born in Craesti, Romania. (The Night Stalker - 1972)
  • 1889, Summer - Writer Robert Louis Stevenson hears about Dr. Jekyll's research and uses it as the basis of his novella, "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." (Topical)
  • 1889, September 13 - Michelle Crane is born. As an adult, she inflicts both physical and pstchological abuse on her son, Parker. (Insidious 2 - 2012)
  • 1890, October 31 - Raised by John Utterson, an associate of his father, Dr. Edward Jekyll is expelled from the Royal Academy of Sciences for unorthodox experiments. He tries to re-open his father's old clinic, but he is tricked by his father's associate, Dr. Andrew Lanyon, in recreating the Hyde formula when Lanyon wants to reclaim the Jekyll family fortune. (Son of Doctor Jekyll - 1951)
  • 1890 - Count Dracula attempts ownership of Carfax Abbey near London, England, menacing Mina Murray, the fiancée of lawyer Johnathan Harker. He clashes for the first time with Professor Abraham Von Helsing. (Dracula - 1931/1958)

Professor Van Helsing

  • 1890, May 8 - The town of Happiness, Arizona is quickly abandoned by the locals after the visit of Jared Garrity and rumors of "dead rising from the grave." (Twilight Zone: Mr. Garrity and the Graves)
  • 1892 - Two years after their first encounter, Dracula and Van Helsing battle on the top of a runaway coach. In the struggle, the carriage crashes, and Van Helsing manages to stake him on a shattered wheel, collapsing afterward. Meanwhile, a follower of Dracula arrives, collecting Dracula's remains. (Dracula A.D. 1972 - 1972)
  • 1892, April 1 - Writer Mark Twain and Richard Malcolm discuss the probability of immortal life. (The Night Strangler - 1973)
  • 1892, August 4 - Andrew and Abby Borden are found murdered in their Fall River, Massachusetts. Andrew's daughter by his first wife, Lizzie Borden, is the prime suspect. (The Legend of Lizzie Borden - 1972)

Lizzie Borden

  • 1893, June 5 - Lizzie Borden is found not guilty of the murder of her father and step-mother. (The Legend of Lizzie Borden - 1972)
  • 1893, July 7 - Three years after Dr. Van Helsing first destroyed Dracula, he encounters Marianne Danielle, a young French schoolteacher traveling through Transylvania, and hears her story about the Baron Meinster, another vampire he must destroy. (Brides of Dracula - 1960)
  • 1895, April 16 - Thomas Sharpe marries Marjories McDermott in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is never seen again after moving away to England. (Crimson Peak - 2015)
  • 1896, May 16 - Thomas Sharpe marries Enola Sciotti in Milan, Italy and accompanies him back to his home outside Allerdale, England. Her relatives lose all contact with her. (Crimson Peak - 2015)
  • 1897 - Bram Stoker collects paper work, news articles and oral testimonies to write "Dracula," which is passed off as fiction. (Topical)
  • 1899-1900 - Richard Carmichael builds the Chessman Mansion for his wife, Emily Spencer, the heir to the Spencer Shipping Company. (The Changeling - 1980)


  • 1900, January 9-12 - A Catholic priest named Father Sandor chides citizens of of a Transylvanian village of their belief in vampires. He also warns four English tourists from traveling to nearby Karlsbad at night, but they ignore him and are left abandoned near Castle Dracula. The old caretaker of the castle uses them to revive Dracula by mixing blood with Dracula's ashes, reviving the Count. Only two survive, rescued by Father Sandor, who battles Dracula and loses him under the ice in the moat at Castle Dracula. (Dracula - Prince of Darkness - 1966)
  • 1900, September 8 - Joseph Patrick Carmichael born to Richard Carmichael in Seattle, Washington. His mother passes a few years after his birth. (The Changeling - 1980)
  • 1900, October 18 to November 27 - Egyptologists John Bray, Sir Giles Dalrymple and Professor Eugene Dubois discover the mummified remains of Prince Ra, son of King Rameses in Egypt's Valley of The Kings and take him to London, England. American showman Alexander King who financed the expedition plans to recoup his investment by publicly exhibiting the Egyptian treasures, but this decision angers the mummy which comes to life and begins killing members of the expedition. A wealthy arts patron named Adam Beauchamp takes in interest in one of the relics, an amulet said to bring ever-lasting life. (The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb - 1964)
  • 1901, October 16-20 - Aspiring authoress Edith Cushing meets English businessman Thomas Sharpe, who is approaching her father for money to invest in his clay company. Carter doesn't approve of his interest in his daughter, and after having Thomas and his sister, Lucille, checked out, he pays them to return to England leave his daughter alone. Four days after meeting the Sharpes, Carter dies under strange circumstances at his club. (Crimson Peak - 2015)
  • 1901, December 1 - Following her father's funeral, Edith marries Thomas and accompanies him to his home at Allendale Hall in Cumbria, England. Over several days, she meets the ghosts of several women who have died in the house, which she learns is also known as Crimson Red. (Crimson Peak - 2015)
  • 1901, December 10 - Following a day trip to town for parts, Edith learns that Thomas has been married three times before and that Lucille murdered all of them including their own mother. She realizes that Lucille has been poisoning her as well. (Crimson Peak - 2015)
  • 1901, December 12 - Andrew McMasters follows Edith to Allerdale Hall and shares with her the information her father had on the Sharpes. Lucille attacks him, and Thomas hides him away to save Edith. Out of jealousy, Lucille murders her brother whose ghost appears as Edith murders Lucille. (Crimson Peak - 2015)
  • 1902, October 27 - Christina Mariel born on the family estate in Edbrook, England. (The Haunted - 1995)
  • 1903, November 26 - Wealthy landowner Edward Gracey of New Orleans parish falls in love with Elizabeth Henshaw, a multi-racial servant in his grand manor and desires to marry her. However, after he receives a letter informing him that she refuses to marry him; he hangs himself in despair in the attic. (The Haunted Mansion - 2003)
  • 1905 - The remains of Helen Bryant, a murdered English tourist is found stuffed in a bell by a young altar boy in a church near Carlsbad, Transylvania. (Dracula Has Risen from the Grave - 1968)
  • 1906, January - Lawrence Talbot is born in Llangwelly, Wales. (The Wolfman - 1941)

Lawrence Talbot

  • 1906, November 7 - Monsignor Ernest Mueller comes to Transylvania to reopen a church near Carlsbad and meets the altar boy, now mute from his experience. The local villagers refuse to attend Mass at the church because the shadow of Dracula's castle touches it. To bring to an end this fear, Mueller ascends to the castle to exorcise it with a huge cross at the gate. When the priest has an accident, his blood revives Dracula and takes him under his control. To have his revenge on Mueller, Dracula follows him to Kleinenberg, Austria and menaces Mueller's neice, Maria, who removes the cross at Dracula's and discards it into a ravine where Dracula is later impaled on it. A businessman named Barnabas Weller collects Dracula's cape, jewerl and ashes from the site. (Dracula Has Risen from the Grave - 1968/Taste the Blood of Dracula - 1970)
  • 1908, September 8 - Joseph Patrick Carmichael is diagnosed with atrophic arthritis, and his father takes him to the Nopeming Sanitarium in Switzerland to be cured. Several years later, this is discovered to be a cover-up to replace the boy and acquire the rights to the boy's inheritance. They don't return to the states until 1918. (The Changeling - 1980)
  • 1909, February 6-7 - Dr. Walter Barnard and his family live in the Chessman House in Seattle, Washington. After his daughter, Cora is struck and killed by a coal cart, the family moves out. (The Changeling - 1980)


  • c. 1910 - Three gentlemen, William Hargood, Samuel Paxton and Jonathon Secker form a circle devoted to charitable work but visit brothels in secret. Lord Courtley convince them to visit Barnabas Weller and to purchase Dracula's ashes and relics from him. He convinces them to use the relics in a ritual that restores Dracula to life, transforming Hargood's daughter and Paxton's sister into vampires. Johnathan's son, Jeremy Secker destroys Dracula at the old Kleinenburg Church. (Taste the Blood of Dracula - 1970)
  • 1910, April-May - The Westside Clinic is founded on the site of the old Westside Mercy Hospital. Several similar murders occur over 18 days near Pioneer Square. A witness describes a corpse-like figure. (The Night Strangler - 1973)
  • 1910, September 20 - Archaeologist Steve Banning discovers the remnants of a broken vase in a Cairo bazaar contains clues to the location of the Tomb of Princess Ananka. With the support of the Cairo Museum, Dr. Lionel Petrie, they recieve funding from Solvani, an American entertainer whose daughter, Marta, disapproves. (The Mummy's Hand - 1940/The Mummy - 1969)
  • 1910, September 27 - The Banning Expedition departs in search of the Hill of the Seven Jackals and stumble upon the Tomb of Kharis in an ancient storehouse of tana leaves. They are accompanied by Andoheb, an Egyptian scholar and a member of the Cult of Kharis. (The Mummy's Hand - 1940)
  • 1910, September 28 to October 10 - After the tomb is uncovered, Andoheb succeeds in reanimating Kharis and escaping through a secret passageway to the Tomb of Princess Anaka on the other side of the mountain. After sending Kharis to slay his enemies, he attempts to claim Marta as his own. Banning shoots in his attempt to save Marta, who gives him the secret to stop Kharis. (The Mummy's Hand - 1940)
  • c. 1912 - Having been resurrected by chance during a scourge of vampire bats in the area, Dracula once more wreaks terror on the local villagers and takes libertine Paul Carlson captive in the local castle. Paul's brother, Simon Carlson, comes looking for him and battles Dracula, who is destroyed by a lightning. (Scars of Dracula - 1970)
  • 1917, October 14 - Actress Constance Taylor is believed killed in a cave-in after filming the silent movie "Queen of the Nile" in Egypt. (Twilight Zone: Queen of the Nile)
  • 1918, October 18 - At the Ainsley Sanitarium outside of London, Professor Walter Saunders treats Miss Norcutt, a young female anemia patient who passes away. (Return of the Vampire - 1942)
  • 1918, October 19 - After his granddaughter, Nikki, shows similar symptoms, Saunders deduces she is the victim of a vampire. He searches the nearby Old Priory Grounds and impales the body of vampire Armand Tesla. The werewolf, Andreas Obry, returns to normal, and Saunders takes him in to help him recover. (Return of the Vampire - 1942)


  • 1920, March 15 to June 18 - Egyptologist Sir Basil Walden funded by businessman Stanley Preston go in search of the tomb of Boy Pharaoh Kah-To-Bey despite dire warnings by Beduin priest Hasmid. After removing the mummy, Walden takes ill and Preston uses his absence to take credit for the discovery. Hasmid does a ritual to animate the mummy of Prem to kill off the members of the expedition of which which Preston is a suspect. Preston's son, Paul Preston, succeeds in destroying the mummy. (The Mummy's Shroud - 1966)
  • 1920, March 19 - Parker Crane born in Hollister, California. As an adult, he lives at 8871 Sparrow Avenue in Los Angeles and becomes the "Bride In Black Killer" connected to the disappearances of fifteen women. (Insidious 2 - 2012)
  • 1921, July 4 - Fourth of July party at the Overlook Hotel near Sidewinder, Colorado. (The Shining - 1980/1997)
  • 1921, November 7 - Henri Desire Landru is executed in Paris for the murders of ten women. (Twilight Zone: The New Exhibit)
  • 1921, December 22 - Sir Joseph Whemple of England funds an Egyptian expedition which discovers the mummy of an ancient Egyptian high priest named Imhotep. The find is odd as the mummy is found intact without the viscera removed, suggesting he was buried alive. While Sir Joseph's assistant Ralph Norton is translating the symbols from the tomb, the mummy and its scroll are stolen. (The Mummy - 1932)
  • 1923 - Edbrook Hall in Sussex, England burns to the ground under unknown circumstances. The Mariel nanny, Tess Webb, is the only survivor. (The Haunted - 1995)
  • 1923 - Lawrence Talbot departs home at the age of 18 to travel abroad after a disagreement with his father. (The Wolfman - 1941)
  • 1923, January 11 - The Skorzeny Family patriarch passes away, his only son, Janos Skorzeny, inherits $75-100 million dollars. (The Night Stalker - 1972)
  • 1929 - Dr. Gustav Niemann is imprisoned in Neustadt Prison in Germany for trying to replicate Dr. Frankenstein's experiments. (House of Frankenstein - 1944)
  • 1929, May 9 - Pamela Sue Morton is born. (Friday the 13th - 1980)
  • 1929, October 25 - David Ash has become a psychology professor with a book disproving the existence of ghosts. While working at Oxford University, he gets a letter from Tess Webb asking for his help to rid her of the ghosts at Edbrook Manor. Initially uninterested, he decides to respond to the query. (The Haunted - 1995)
  • 1929, October 28 - Ash travels to the village of Edbrook and meets Christina Mariel at the station. Traveling onward to the estate far out in the countryside, he meets her brothers, Robert and Simon, who he all finds mildly eccentric but concerned about their nanny's mental condition and belief in ghosts. Allowed to wander the structure, he is in awe of the structure and its furnishings. That night, he has a dream of a funeral procession and hears noises of scratching at his bedroom door. (The Haunted - 1995)
  • 1929, October 30 - The following morning at breakfast, Ash confronts the Mariels about his experiences the night before. When he goes to talk to Miss Webb, he finds her a bit addled and talking to herself. After he gives his impressions to Christina, she calls in the family physician, Dr. Lionel Doyle, to come look in on her. When the Mariels depart for a social gathering, David is left to conduct forensic examinations on the estate by himself and hears strange sounds, crying and piano music from an upstairs room. (The Haunted - 1995)
  • 1929, October 31 - Ash's investigation at Edbrook is complicated by Christina's continuous flirtation with him, and by his own unavoidable infatuation with her. Robert, however, is against their friendship, and David promises to wrap his investigation on time. Christina instead distracts David with a day together, which further infuriates Robert. That night, while setting camera equipment in the gazebo on the ground, David sees an apparition form, and when he follows it to the lake, something pushes him into the water. Late that night, Miss Webb asks David to take her with him when he departs, but a presence drags her away to her bedroom. (The Haunted - 1995)
  • 1929, November 1 - Left with too many unanswered questions. David wanders the mansion once more and finds a hidden attic space where an article has been removed the February 17, 1923 copy of the London Times and has his secretary, Kate Elsworth, track down the article. He also finds the Mariels holding a children's birthday party in the old children's room for Nanny Tess which Christina uses to secret David away to be with him in private. (The Haunted - 1995)
  • 1929, November 2 - Kate calls David back at Edbrook Hall to reveal the missing newspaper article was the result of a coroner's quest on Florence Mariel, the siblings' mother, after she drowned herself in the lake. When Christina comes after him again, she claims that her mother drowned herself in the lake, and that Nanny Tess was the one who discovered the body. David postulates that it is the trauma of this which is causing Nanny Tess to see the ghost of Mrs. Mariell. Davis is soon stunned to see the ghost of Juliet in the house who leads him outside to catch a glimpse of Christina and Robert's incestuous relationship. When David hears moaning again, he trails it to the wine cellar where it soon mysteriously disappears. (The Haunted - 1995)
  • 1929, November 3 - When David becomes unsure of everything he has seen at Edbrook, Christina takes him to see Dr. Doyle, who attributes everything he has seen to stress, and encourages his pursuit of Christina. That night, David and Christina fully pursue their romance. (The Haunted - 1995)
  • 1929, November 4 - The following morning, David finds Edbrook abandoned and deserted. Juliet appears again and leads him at a distance to the Edbrook Cemetery where he learns Christina, Robert and Simon all died in the Edbrook Fire of 1923, making them the ghosts of Edbrook. When he rushes to see Dr. Doyle, Juliet reveals he is one of the ghosts as well. Hearing Christina's voice, he returns to her, but back at the mansion, the siblings reveal they want to David to replace Nanny Tess as their source of entertainment. Fleeing upstairs, Juliet once more appears and rescues David as the mansion once more erupts in flames. (The Haunted - 1995)


  • 1931, March 29-April 16 - Seattle reporter Jimmy Stacks covers the murders of six women near Pioneer Square. Dr. Richard Malcom disappears after being diagnosed with a strange degenerative disease. (The Night Strangler - 1973)
  • 1931, December 22 - Whemple funds a second Egyptian expedition in search of the tomb of the princess Anck-su-namun led by Dr, Edmund Muller accompanied by his son, Franklin Whemple. An Egyptian named Ardeth Bay shows them where to dig to find the tomb of the princess Anck-su-namun which is presented to the Cairo Museum. (The Mummy - 1932)
  • 1932, January 11 - Ardeth Bay abducts Helen Grosvenor, a half-Egyptian woman, believing her to be the reincarnation of Anck-su-namun. As he attempts to mummify her, Egyptian mysticism reveals he is the missing mummy, Imhotep, and he crumbles into dust. (The Mummy - 1932)
  • 1932, February 14 - Jacob Edward Bates marries Norma Spool, the sister of Emma Spool. (Psycho: The New Beginning - 1990)
  • 1932, October 14 - Norman Bates born to Jacob and Norma Bates in Fairvale, California. (Psycho - 1960/Psycho 2 - 1983/Psycho 3 -1986/Psycho: The New Beginning - 1990)
  • 1932, November 14 - While Norman is an infant, his aunt, Emma Spool attacks his father, leaving him for dead, and kidnaps Norman. Norman's father survives, but Emma is institutionalized. (Psycho 3 -1986)
  • 1934, April 24 - Sir Karell Boyotyn, a British noble living near Prague, is found dead. Dr. John Doskil finds a vampire bite on him and a loss of blood. Baron Otto von Zinden comes to the decision he was bitten by Count Mora, a local figure in the area. (Mark of the Vampire - 1935)
  • 1935, April 24-30 - Irena Boyotyn, the daughter of Sir Karell, returns to reclaim her father's estate with her fiance, Fedor Vincenti. Inspector Gustav Niemann comes from from Prague with Professor Edmund Salin to reopen the murder case. Over several days, Irena is bitten by Luna, the vampire-daughter of Count Mora seen prowling the estate and haunting the abandoned castle nearby. The undead form of Sir Karel is seen several times as well, but they're all actors to trick Baron von Zinden into outing himself as Sir Karell's murderer. (Mark of the Vampire - 1935)
  • 1937, May 23 - Jack Torrance born in Oregon. (The Shining - 1980/1997)
  • 1938, September - The Old Carmichael Ranch in Seattle is gradually sold off to residential developers. (The Changeling - 1980)
  • 1938, November 11 - Jack Edward Bates, the father of Norman Bates, passes away after being stung to death by bees. (Psycho: The New Beginning - 1990)
  • 1939, October 30 - The Queen Of Scots passenger ship vanishes at sea wile en route from Southampton, England to Nassau in the Bahamas. (Ghost Ship - 2001)


  • 1940, September 7 to 1941, May 11 - Janos Skorzeny is living in London under the alias of Dr. Paul Belasco during the Germany Blitz. Specializing in blood diseases, he treats several air raid victims. After he departs for Canada, his home at Chafts Court is found with numerous pumps and a large freezer. (The Night Stalker - 1972)
  • 1940, November to 1941, May - Beginning with Emily Holland, seven children disappear around Burkittsville, Maryland. (The Blair Witch Project - 1999)
  • 1940, October 13 - Marilyn Munster is born "normal," possibly in the territory of Transylvania in Romania. (The Munsters - 1965)

Marilyn Munster

  • 1940, October 18 - After Saunders dies in a plane crash, Scotland Yard detective Sir Frederick Fleet, reads Saunders's journals and his account of staking a vampire. A German bombing devastates the Old Priory Grounds. (Return of the Vampire - 1942)
  • 1940, October 19 - A Civil Defense official views the damage at the Old Priory. Thinking the rod is battle debris, he removes it and reburies Tesla, who revives that night, regains control over Andreas once more and menaces Nikki Saunders. (Return of the Vampire - 1942)
  • 1940, October 23 -
    • Sir Fredrick Fleet of Interpol and Lady Jane Ainsley, Saunders's benefactor, learn the Priory grounds were bombed by the Germans and the area and landmarks were destroyed. She loon learns that Tesla is posing as a colleague, Dr. Hugo Bruckner. (Return of the Vampire - 1942)
    • Tesla abducts Nikki, and Fleet and Lady Jane attempt to follow him. Fleet shoots Andreas, but he escapes with Tesla. In the ruins of the devastated St. Matthias Church, Tesla rejects Andreas who attacks him as bombings reoccur. The following morning, Andreas drags Tesla outside and stakes him. Nikki is found alive by Civil Defense. (Return of the Vampire - 1942)
    • In Mapleton, Massachusetts, Steve Banning once more recounts the story of Kharis to his family and guests in his home. Meanwhile, the elderly Andoheb reveals the secret of the tana leaves to Mehemet Bay and Yousef Bey, other followers of the Cult of Kharis, who reanimates Kharis and takes him to the United States to have revenge on the remaining members of the Banning expedition and their descendants. (The Mummy's Tomb - 1942/The Mummy's Ghost - 1944)
  • 1940, November 3 to November 22 - Stephen Banning is found mysteriously murdered in his home, but the police have no suspects. More people are murdered, all marked by Egyptian mold.

Stephen's son, Dr John Banning, enlists the help of Professor Matthew Norman to link the murders to Mehemet Bey and track Karis who is lost in a fire at the Banning Estate. (The Mummy's Tomb - 1942)

  • 1941, May 25 - Hermit Rustin Parr wanders into town confessing to the murders of the seven missing children, claiming he murdered them at the request of the Blair Witch. He is convicted of the crimes and hanged a month later. (The Blair Witch Project - 1999)
  • 1941, October - Lawrence Talbot returns to Wales after several years abroad. After several animal attacks in town, he starts to believe he was bitten by a werewolf and suspects himself in the deaths. His father accidentally beats him to death in the woods while searching for the creature. (The Wolfman - 1941)
  • 1942, January 19-25 - Colonel Robert E, Hogan, father of Robert J. Hogan, of the 504th Bomber Group, is shot down near Heidelberg, Germany. He spends the rest of World War Two at Luft-Stalag 13, commanded by Colonel Wilheim Klink. (Hogan's Heroes - 1961-1967)
  • 1942, September 13 - A nun named Amanda Krueger is accidentally forgotten and locked in the former Springwood Mental Hospital in Ohio. By time she is found, she has been raped over a hundred times. She becomes mother of a boy named Freddie Krueger. The boy is adopted by a railroad worker who abuses him. The hospital later becomes Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital. (A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors - 1987/Freddy's Dead: Final Nightmare - 1991)
  • 1943 - Partially amnesiac, Talbot turns up still alive in a hospital in Cardiff, Wales. He travels to Visaria, Germany in search of the heirs of Dr. Frankenstein for a cure to his lycanthropy, discovering the frozen remains of the original monster in the castle. After the Monster comes back to life, the villagers bomb the dam and flood the valley to destroy the Monster and Castle Frankenstein. (Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman - 1941)
  • 1944 - A storm damages Neustadt Prison and Dr. Niemann escapes back to Visaria, Germany, restoring Dracula to life en route and recovering the bodies of the Frankenstein Monster and Larry Talbot, who he promises to cure. Only interested in the Monster, the creature drags him to death in a pit of quicksand. (House of Frankenstein - 1944)
  • 1944, September 14 - Elise Rainier born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her family lives a house on the grounds of the Dewberd Penittentiary in the outlying town of Five Points. Her brother, Christian, is born two years later. (Insidious: The Last Key - 2018)
  • 1944, September 22 - Flight 107 out of Buffalo vanishes in a fog; it's the only case Grant Sheckley fails to answer. (Twilight Zone: The Arrival)
  • 1944, September 23 - In Mapleton, Massachusetts, Professor Matthew Norman explains the legends of the Priests of Arkam and Kharis to his history class. When he tries duplicating the tana leaves potion, Kharis awakens at the Banning Estate and proceeds toward him, who is followed by Amina Mansori, the girlfriend of student Tom Hervey. Kharis ends up murdering Dr. Norman as Amina faints at the sight of him. (The Mummy's Ghost - 1944)
  • 1944, September 24 - Sheriff Elwood and the local coroner discover a strange mold around the body of the dead professor and realize the Mummy has returned. Tom claims Amina. Meanwhile, Yousef Bey arrives to take Kharis back to Egypt, brewing more tana leaves to attract him. (The Mummy's Ghost - 1944)
  • 1944, September 25 - At the Scripps Museum, Yousef Bey attempts to procure the mummy of Ananka, but it disintegrates when he touches it. Bey believes this mean Ananke has since been born once more as Karis destroys the exhibit and murders a security guard. (The Mummy's Ghost - 1944)
  • 1944, September 26 - Police Inspector Arnold Walgreen and Dr. Hyatt Ayad form a plan to trap the Mummy. Tom encourages Amina to elope with him to New York City as Yousef Bey calls upon the god, Amon-Ra, to locate Ananka's soul for Kharis. (The Mummy's Ghost - 1944)
  • 1944, September 27 - Inspector Walgreen constructs a trap at the Norman House with Amina and a new tana leaf drink to attract him. However, Amina feels his approach and hypnotically wanders toward him and getting abducted. Bey now desires to have Amina for himself and is murdered by Kharis. Tom tries to save her, but Kharis overwhelms him, and while pursued by an angry mob, he carries Amina deep into local swamp where they are lost. (The Mummy's Ghost - 1944)
  • 1945 - Dr. Franz Edelmann discovers the remains of the Frankenstein Monster with Niemann's remains under his property. Interested in the monster, Dracula approaches him under the auspices of curing a blood disease. Talbot also arrives for a cure to his condition, but Edelmann fails to finish his cure when Dracula infects him with his blood and releases his "Mr. Hyde." (House of Dracula - 1945)
  • 1945-1950, November 11 - Norman's adolescence becomes a burden to him due to his mother's hatred of all men. She abuses him for having a female underwear catalog and much later emasculates him after catching him having an erection. (Psycho: The New Beginning - 1990)
  • 1945, April - Norma Bates gets upset when she learns the new interstate won't go pass the hotel and will likely put them out of business. Out of anger, she tells Norman that she should have killed him when he was in her womb because his birth damaged her bladder. (Psycho: The New Beginning - 1990)
  • 1945, May - Fraught by the isolation, Grace Stewart living at the former Demonbreun Estate in the Channel Islands smothers her children, Anne and Nicholas, before killing herself with a shotgun. (The Others - 2001)
  • 1945, November 11 - Norman gets jealous when his mother starts seeing Chet Rudolph. Feeling betrayed, he poisons them both, disguising it as a murder-suicide. His psychosis becomes amplified when he steals her body at her funeral to preserve it. Now alone, his mind creates a splintered personality known as "Mother" to preserve the illusion. (Psycho - 1960/Psycho: The New Beginning - 1990)
  • 1946, May - Fred and Louise Marlish acquire the Old Demonbreun Estate in the Channel Islands and encounter the ghosts of the Stewart Family. Their son, Victor Marlish, has nightmares sleeping in the children's room and makes contact with Anne's ghost. Grace's ghost terrify the couple who bring in a psychic to communicate, but Louise Marlish still insists in abandoning the property. (The Others - 2001)
  • 1946, June 13 - Jason Voorhees is born to Elias Voorhees and Pamela Sue Morton (Voorhees) in Crystal Lake, Connecticut. (Friday the 13th - 1980)
  • 1946, July 22 - Old Man Simmons is heard laughing and screaming at the organ in the attic of his house in Rachel, Kansas. After he jumps to his death, the locals find his wife murdered on the first floor. The house subsequently becomes known for being haunted. (The Ghost and Mr. Chicken - 1966)
  • 1948, January 11 - Living in Canada under the alias Detective Constable Alan Hensley, Skorzeny departs for Las Vegas after a string of unsolved murders. (The Night Stalker - 1972)
  • 1948, March 18 - Walter Jameson gets a job as a history professor at an unknown university where he meets Professor Samuel Kittridge, eventually dating Arthur's daughter, Susanna. (Twilight Zone: Long Live Walter Jameson)
  • 1948, October - Dracula takes custody of the original Frankenstein Monster again and has it and himself transported to Florida. Larry Talbot pursues them, and with the help of Chet Stratton and Wilbur Grey, track them to a medical refuge where he is nearly killed in a fall with Dracula. (Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein - 1948)
  • 1948, December 11 - The last known wolf is shot and killed in Yellowstone County, Montana. (Kolchak: The Night Stalker - The Werewolf)


  • c. 1950 - Lord Cavanaugh Munster tracks down the monster in Florida and transports him to his home in England, restoring him to health and teaching him, removing all evil from it. He renames him "Herman" after his father. (The Munsters - 1965)
  • 1950, July 4 - Having inherited the house and hotel and running it by itself, Norman is visited by a girl named Holly Astin from town. When her advances frustrate and confuse him, he becomes "Mother" and murders her. (Psycho: The New Beginning - 1990)
  • 1951, May 1 - Frederick "Freddie" Jones is born in Coeurville, Massachusetts. As he grows up, he becomes friends with Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley and Norville "Shaggy" Rogers. (Scooby Doo, Where Are You - 1968-1989)
  • 1951, November 11 - Norman accepts advances from an older female guest named Gloria Dawson, but his anxiety causes "Mother" to come out and kill her. (Psycho: The New Beginning - 1990)
  • 1952, March 27-April 14 - Six murders occur near Seattle's Pioneer Square. A witness describes the murderer as a man with desiccated features. (The Night Strangler - 1973)
  • 1952, August 13 - Diana Voorhees is born to Elias Voorhees and Pamela Sue Morton (Voorhees). (Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday - 1993)
  • 1952, August 24 - Ed and Lorraine Warren found the New England Society for Psychic Research, the oldest ghost hunting group in New England, quickly gaining notoriety as respected paranormal investigators after their initial investigation of the Amityville hauntings. (The Amityville Horror - 1978/The Haunted - 1991/A Haunting in Connecticut - 2002/The Conjuring - 2013)
  • 1953, January 5 - Elise's brother, Christian, becomes terrified of Elise's ability to speak to spirits, and her abusive father, Gerald Ranier, whips her with a belt to punish her for it. When he locks her in the basement, Elize unwittingly unleases a demonic presence, the entity murders her mother, Audrey Rainier. (Insidious: The Last Key - 2018)
  • 1954, March 5 - A geological expedition to the Amazon returns after a month-long expedition to the Amazon where they report experiencing a fish-like humanoid that killed much of the team. American tabloids call the cryptid, "The Gill-Man." (The Creature from the Black Lagoon - 1954)
  • 1955, June 5-12 - An expedition from the Ocean Harbor Oceanarium in Miami, Florida goes in search of the Gill-Man in the Amazon's Black Lagoon. After discovering it is still alive, the bring it back to the oceanarium, but it escapes and goes bersek. (Return of the Creature - 1955)
  • 1955, June 23 - Comedians Bud Abbott and Lou Costello get stranded in Egypt after a dishonest promoter steals their money. Archaeologist Dr. Gustav Zoomer offers them free voyage back home if they help him accompany the remains of the Klaris mummy. However, they get caught up in a scheme by fortune hunters wanting to steal the treasures of Princess Ara guarded by the animated remains of Klaris. (Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy - 1955)
  • 1956, April 26 - A team of scientists learn the Gill-Man has been living in the Florida Everglades and capture it. After being captured and restored to health, it is noticed it is shedding its gills and learning to breath. After it escapes and terrorizes the facility, it escapes into the ocean. (The Creature Walks Among Us - 1955)
  • 1956, August 22 - Motorcycle rider Harold "The Swordsman" Baker of the Bishops Motorcycle Club is killed in an accident as the Jokers Motorcycle Club tries knocking him off his bike. His severed head becomes a morbid souvenir of Turk Pelletino of the Jokers. (Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Chopper)
  • 1956, August 25 - Pelletino is found dead on the side of the road by the Jokers with his head severed from his neck. They bury his body in secret, and to lay Baker's spirit to rest, member Henry "Studs" Spake buries Baker's head with his body at the Hills of Leafy Cemetery. (Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Chopper)
  • 1956, September 27 - Under unknown circumstances, Kharis and Amina's bodies are recovered from the Mapleton Swamp and sent to a museum in New Orleans, but circumstances arise and Kharis escapes with Mina's remains into the local bayou. (The Mummy's Curse - 1944)
  • 1957, March 15 - A psychic researcher named Quintus Radcliff with the help of Professor Ulbrecht Olinger hire a hooker named Diana Love to be hypnotized and regress her through her previous lives. (The Undead - 1957)
  • 1957, June 13 - Pamela Voorhees is working as the cook at Camp Crystal Lake when 11-year-old Jason drowns in the lake. The counselors were off having sex at the time. The ordeal leaves her distraught, neglecting Pamela and dabbling in the black arts to get him back. (Friday the 13th - 1980/Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday - 1993)
  • 1957, September-October - Local police investigate several vampire-style murders and attacks at the Sherwood School for Girls near Red Hill, California. (Blood of Dracula - 1957)
  • 1957, October 25 - Michael Myers is born in Haddonfield, Illinois. When he grows up, he shows clear psychotic tendencies, such as tormenting and killing small animals. (Halloween 1978/Halloween 2007)
  • 1958-1961, Summer - Several attempts to reopen Camp Crystal Lake meet with disaster. Fires occur and two counselors are murdered; one of whom is the sister of Creighton Duke. The murders are possibly used to cast the spells to animate Jason. The area is closed and becomes known as "Camp Blood." (Friday the 13th - 1980)
  • 1958-1961 - The Springwood Slasher terrorizes Springwood, Ohio by kidnapping and murdering several small children. (A Nightmare on Elm Street - 1984/2010)

Freddie Krueger

  • 1958, May 18 - Nancy Archer goes public with her UFO report, later growing to fifty feet tall and terrorizing Hitchcock, California in her search for her philandering husband. (Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman - 1958)
  • 1958, December 13 - Wednesday Thursday Addams is born in the community of Cemetery Grove near Hitchcock, New York. (The Addams Family 1963-1965)
  • 1959, August 5 - Emmeline Louise (Emmy Lou) Raven of Candy Rock, New Mexico reportedly grows to great size due to the fall out radiation from the military atomic bomb experiments in Dinosaur Canyon. (The Thirty Foot Bride of Candy Rock - 1959)

Emmy Lou Raven

  • 1959, October 2 - Astronaut Mike Ferris is pulled from 484-day suspended animation in preparation for a trip to the moon. Removed from the experiment, he describes being in a town where he was the only citizen. (Twilight Zone: Where Is Everybody?)
  • 1959, October 31 - Frederick Loren invites five strangers to the Old Pritchett House. (House on Haunted Hill - 1959)
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