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Beyond Our Dreams - An extended timeline of the series -

Pre-Series History[]

  • c. 1770s - Ancestors of the Hedisons arrive in Boston, Massachusetts before moving to NYC
  • 1787 - Nicholas Adams founds Adam's Lake (modern Ashford Falls)
  • 1780s-1790s - Gabriel Hedison surveys much of Upstate New York
  • 1790 - Gabriel Hedison passes close to Adam's Lake; he might have been a guest of Nicholas Adams
  • 1800 - Catholic missionaries arrive in the area and start the Limestone Quarries
  • 1820 - Old Limestone Quarries closed
  • 1840 - Gun factory built near Adam's Falls
  • 1860 - Original Ashford Falls Courthouse built
  • c. 1860s-1870s - Franklin Hedison runs illegal guns and contraband to and from Canada
  • 1867 - Howard Crutcher first mayor of Ashford Falls
  • c. 1870 - Franklin Hedison re-routes train route from Mill City to Ashford Falls
  • c. 1880 - Lincoln Hedison born
  • 1885 - Gage Winchester born
  • 1900-1920s - Lincoln Hedison reverses his family legacy with several real estate ventures in Ashford Falls
  • 1906 - Gage Winchester founds Winchester

Winchester Hotel

Ashford Falls High School

Ashford Falls - 1980

Season One 1986-1987[]

Paul Kirkwood

Season Two 1987-1988[]

  • Angel Harker returns for Carter's therapy - so does Paul's father, Gabe Kirkwood
  • Rachel hires Lou Riley to get research on Angel Harker
  • Ashford Falls hit by a hard winter (Winter of 1988)
  • Hedison Pharmaceuticals under financial duress; Carter Hedison tries selling off the Winchester Hotel to Nate Featherstone
  • Carter has Naomi committed to a sanitarium; she has to be rescued by Bradley Larabee
  • Rachel re-writes her mother's will for controlling interest in the Winchester Hotel -

Season Three 1988-1989[]

  • First appearance of Marcia Caldwell and Jason Pryde
  • Rachel researches her family tree (1795 Flashback)
  • Douglas Greer and Len the cross-dresser make their first appearances
  • Blake uses a check from Rachel to help Len fund his garage
  • Len outs himself as a cross-dresser during the Second Bicentennial Founders Day
  • Dash Andrews learns he is dying

Dash Andrews

  • Naomi Hedison and Gabe Kirkwood visit Ashford Falls
  • Helen Caldwell leaves for England to study at a seminary
  • Rachel hires Dash Andrews to follow Helen to England
  • Dash Andrews learns from Dr. Elizabeth Freeling he is dying
  • Naomi Hedison questions how Monica died; Carter has her institutionalized, but Bradley frees her
  • Helen Caldwell in London with Lisa Craigmiles, Tricia Reason and Loren Rhodes
  • Carter Hedison collapses and goes into a coma as Blake Hedison runs the company
  • BTS - Jack Gates has his mild heart attack in NYC
  • BTS - Maury Gifford inherits the Mill City Repair Shop
  • BTS - James Larabee, father of Bradley Larabee passes

Season Four 1989-1990[]

  • Carter spends several months in an alternate reality setting while in his coma
    • Rachel Hedison attempts a take-over of Hedison Pharmaceuticals
    • Dean Reeves visits Ashford Falls
    • Blake starts seeing Tricia Caldwell
    • Worshams Restaurant built in Ashford Falls
    • Paul Kirkwood sees Len Snedeker dressed as a woman
  • Rachel gets her overdue research on Angel Harker - Gabe Kirkwood tries to stop her
  • Bud Mason becomes a sexual offender - He flees for Cragfont Lake where the police get him
  • Angel loses her life - Gabe Kirkwood framed for her murder
  • Gabe Kirkwood murdered in prison by Bud Mason

Season Five 1990-1991[]

Jack Gable

After The Series[]

Beyond Our Dreams: Return to Ashford Falls 1995[]



  • 2001-2004 Lisa Creekmore returns home after a six-year absence, causing chaos on her sister's house


  • 2003-2008 Melissa Strickland dabbles in paranormal research visiting haunted houses after a spate of vampire-style murders