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"Trust me. Anything Rachel Hedison touches usually withers and dies." - Bobbi Pierce

Roberta "Bobbi" Pierce is a native of Ashford Falls, New York, and the daughter of local garbageman Harry Pierce and his wife, Dorothy Pierce, the local veterinarian, who handled the horses at Ashford Falls Riding Stables. She has two younger sisters named Christine and Joanna Pierce.
Bobbi attended Ashford Falls High School along with Rachel Hedison, Blake Hedison, Caitlin Featherstone, Danny Featherstone and Russell Coleman. Although bookish and insecure in her youth, she was not typically accepted in teen social groups until she lost her braces and her mother helped her refine her appearance. When she returned for her senior year of high school, Bobbi was easily considered one of the most attractive girls in school, receiving attention from Danny, Russell, Gabe Jameson and Quentin Baldwin among others. Her new looks also elicited a source of rivalry from Rachel. Considering Bobbi an obstacle to her popularity, Rachel bombarded Bobbi with harassment over her preference for academic pursuits and her Native American ancestry. Despite this slight, Bobbi became friends with Janet DuBois and Samantha Strickland, but through her years in high school, she rarely dated and instead worked at Ludlow's Candy Shop to save money for college.
After high school, Bobbi attended Bryant and Stratton College near Albany, New York and majored in business and political science. Looking for a way to cover her increasing college costs, she dabbled in modeling, eventually ending up as a cover girl for Allure perfume. The popularity of the ads also parlayed her into a string of college-oriented films and horror movies, such as "Loose Times At Ridgetop High," "The Detention Club," "Farrah Butler's Lost Weekend," "National College's Road Trip," "Attack of the Seventy-Foot Tall Scream Queen" and "Night of the Undead," which was filmed at the old Trout Mansion in Ashford Falls.
No longer acting by 1991, Bobbi started participating in activism and charities. She helped found the Daylight Charity to help children with autism and mental disorders. After working as a business manager for the Marcella's Restaurant in Manhattan, she sold her interest in the restaurant, which she had founded, to create the Trevi Foundation to help high school students reach careers in the acting and singing arts. Through her charity work, she encountered several political figures with Sabrina Collins hiring her to help her manage her run for mayor of Ashford Falls against Carl Griggs, the incumbent.
Returning to Ashford Falls, Bobbi faced opposition from Griggs own campaign manager, Lance Washington, who attacked Collins's liberal views and law career as well as Bobbi's past as an actress. She pursued Janet DuBois, Caitlin Featherstone and Russell Coleman for campaign donations, but she once again clashed with Rachel who was constantly changing venues for Collins and scheduling meetings for Collins to meet Griggs's own supporters. Convinced that Rachel was trying to ruin the election, they faced off in a fight at the Ashford Arms Hotel as the election results were being reported. Ironically, Collins defeated Griggs in the election, and Rachel confessed she wanted Sabrina as mayor; her actual motivations were in getting Griggs out of office and weakening her father Carter Hedison's hold on the local economy. In doing so, Rachel distracted her father enough to seize control of Hedison Pharmaceuticals in a hostile take-over through the Dynasty Foundation. The revelation deeply bothered Bobbi, and she worked with both Janet and Blake Hedison to hasten transactions that helped them seize control of the company away from Rachel and place the company under the direct control of the company of stockholders of whom Bobbi was a member. Although a minor stock-holder, Bobbi helped Blake and Janet remove Rachel from control. As a final insult, Bobbi sold her shares of the company to Caitlin, whose father had clashed repeatedly with the Hedisons through the Nineties.