"This is Debbie Nordoff, Ashford Falls Falls News." - Deborah Nordoff

Deborah Nordoff is a newspaper and television reporter based in Ashford Falls and an employee of WTEN News through Ashford Falls Falls newspaper which has its own TV news affiliate.
Deborah is the daughter of Andrew Nordoff, a local real estate developer who became part of the town council with Douglas Greer. Resisting the name "Debbie" through her youth, she attended Ashford Falls High School, becoming friends with Helen Caldwell, Caitlin Featherstone, Maddie Harrington and Janet DuBois. With Helen and Caitlin, she was a frequent nemesis of local heiress Rachel Hedison who pulled numerous favors from Cecil Borden to further her reputation and hinder Helen's standing in their class.
While in high school, Deborah was pursued romantically by Danny Featherstone and Russell Coleman, who she often dismissed in order to attract Quentin Baldwin. She was on the school newspaper, "The Badger," and earned a scholarship through Monica Hedison, Dr. Alan Fairwood, Dr. Albert Waverly and town councilman Douglas Greer. She attended Ashford Falls Christian Normal with Janet, and became a rival of Diana Freeling, who was younger than her and more competitive. Through Caitlin, Deborah later got a job at the Ashford Falls Falls, starting out as a type-setter at the Ashford Falls Falls and gradually becoming a writer and reporter.
Through her career, Deborah started writing obituaries and small articles on local events for the newspaper, eventually writing articles on major events in town such as the murder of Monica Hedison, Rachel's car accident at the Ashford Falls Scenic Lookout, Ty Hedison's return to town and Len Snedeker coming out as a cross-dresser at the town's annual bicentennial. After the newspaper developed it's own TV news team through WTEN News out of Albany, she started extending her career into being a TV news reporter. She covered much of the local attacks on women in the Winter of 1988, becoming a victim herself and identifying Bud Mason as her assailant. Through her career, Deborah was Helen Caldwell's main source on the illicit activities of the Hedison Family, covering Rachel's second accident at the lookout and the buried story of Rachel and Janet being switched at birth as infants, an incident Janet used to try and get revenge on Rachel. Her feud with Diana also decreased in intensity, the two of them uniting against their common hatred of the Hedisons.
Over the years, Deborah renewed her relationship with Russell, the two of them eventually sharing an apartment at the Owens Apartment House. They split up during the 1995 Mayoral race where Deborah supported Sabrina Collins and Russell supported Carl Griggs, but after the election, they renewed their relationship.

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