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"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your playing. The elderly man exits." - Dr. Albert Waverly

Dr. Albert "Allie" Waverly is a resident of Ashford Falls and a much respected local physician at Ashford Falls Community General Hospital. He is well-known through town for his extraordinary reputation for story-telling, passing on incredibly ourageous tall tales about incidents from his past.
Born in 1917, Waverly's family has had a long family tradition of mostly doctors and medical practitioners. His father served in World War One, and his grandfather was a physician in the infamous Andersonville Civil War Prison in Georgia. He has one brother, Jerrold Waverly, who broke family tradition by becomg a lawyer, and a sister, Anna Whaley, a practicing obstetrician in nearby Lake George.
In his youth, Fairwood attended the original town high school in the 1940s when it was located in the Culbertson Mansion. Among his classmates were Carter Hedison and Alan Fairwood along with Jerrold and Anna. Both he and Alan both seriously wooed Carter's younger sister, Naomi Hedison, but at the time, the beauty only had eyes for her family retainer, Edward Ashworth, who was a few years her senior. Howerever, they lost contact with each other after high school and Allie went off to medical school. While studying for his medical training, he dated Candace Satterwhite, who became the second great love of his life. They got married after he began his practice in Ashford Falls, and had three children, Daniel Waverly (1959), Benjamin Waverly (1960) and Chloe Waverly (1962).
During his practice, Waverly has had several of Ashford Falls most prominent citizens as patients, such as Carter's children Blake Hedison and Rachel Hedison, Daniel Featherstone and Caitlin Featherstone, Russell Coleman, Samantha Strickland and Melissa Strickland, Diana Freeling, Quentin Baldwin, Bobbi Pierce, Amelia Warren, David Truman and Louise DuBois, becoming friends with her husband, Fletcher DuBois. In 1987, he was joined by Dr. Elizabeth Freeling. As none of his children had followed him as a doctor, Waverly saw Freeling as his daughter and protege. However, when he retired, he was replaced in the hospital by Dr. Paul Kirkwood, who had ten years seniority on Freeling. During his practice, he has treated Russell after a car accident, Ted Shaw for burns in his restaurant and Samantha for a gun shot wound.
At some point in his life, Waverly bought shares in Carter's company, Hedison Pharmaceuticals, becoming part of its board of directors and increasing on his wealth. More involved in his practice than his wealth, he helped Candace acquire Corrine's Beauty Shop on the Town Square and working with Alan and Carter's wife, Monica Hedison, to create a trust fund with for promising students, such as Helen Caldwell and Fletcher's daughter, Janet DuBois.
Since his retirement, Waverly has spent his time hiking the trails north of town and going on fishing trips at Winchester Lake with Jerrold and Alan. In the Fifties, they reported seeing strange lights in the woods near the landmark known as Winchester Cathedral, a phenomenon that has since gone unexplained. In 1991, they were returning to town when the found Jack Gable in a car accident on the bridge at Coogan's Creek, getting Sheriff David Carmichael to rescue him and asking Dr. Kirkwood to take care of him. Hearing how Alan had tried to buy Jack's Ferrari, Waverly didn't see Gable again until the party announcing Rachel Hedison's engagement to Dr. Paul Kirkwood. When he walked up to see how Gable was doing since his accident, he was struck by a strange inexplicable compulsion to refer to himself in third person along with a stage direction. The incident worried him afterward to suspect he might be expecting Alzheimers, and he made plans to have himself tested.
Not much is known about Dr. Waverly since the engagement party. In 1995, during the 1995 Mayoral Election, Ted Shaw gave Daniel Waverly his condolences on his father's passing, suggesting his father had since passed away. The details on Dr. Waverly's death have yet to be revealed.