Emma Samms is an English-American actress, dancer and model best known for her parts in the TV shows "Dynasty" and "Models Inc" as well as the movies "Delirious," "Bedazzled" and "Shrimp on the Barbie."
Born to an affluent family in London in 1960, she began studying ballet at the age of six at the prestigious Royal Ballet School, but an injury at 16 prevented her following ballet as a career.
After a brief modeling stint, Samms took up acting, gaining a role in the 1979 movie "Arabian Adventure," which garnered her the British Film Award for Most Promising Newcomer. The movie's London premiere was held as a benefit for sick children, a charity Samms took to heart. She has befriended several children, including a young boy named Sean who had been diagnosed with cancer. They stayed friends even after she continued her career in the United States.
In Los Angeles, Samms landed a part in the 1981 TV movie, "Goliath Awaits," with Mark Harmon. She eventually brought Sean and his mother out to California to fulfill his dream of visiting Disneyland. Encouraged by the positive experience, Samms and her cousin started the Starlight Children's Foundation in honor of her deceased brother who had died of a rare blood disease in his youth. The foundation granted wishes to sick children, and as Samms' organization grew, so did her career. In 1982, she joined the cast of the daytime drama "General Hospital."
In 1986, Emma Samms gained international fame by replacing actress Pamela Sue Martin in the role of Fallon Carrington on the night time soap "Dynasty," following the role into its spinoff, "The Colbys." Her film career was limited to a string of less successful films, such as "Illusions," "Shrimp on the Barbie" and "Delirious." Off-screen, she went through two failed marriages.
After "Dynasty," Samms returned to "General Hospital" before joining the ill-fated show "Models Inc" in 1994. In 1996, she married her childhood sweetheart, John Holloway, and moved back to England. They had two children, a son Cameron in 1997 and a daughter Beatrice in 1998.
Continuing to act, Samms has also written and sold several screenplays. Her Starlight Children's Foundation has helped more than 100,000 children each month in 1,000 hospitals throughout the world. In 2006, she returned to "General Hospital" for a limited run.

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