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Felissa Rose is an American actress and stage producer, possibly best known as Angela Baker in the original "Sleepaway Camp" movie.
Born Felissa Rose Esposito in Greenwich Village in New York City, Rose grew up in Woodbury, New York and studied acting at New York University. She made her film debut as Angela Baker in Robert Hiltzik's film, "Sleepaway Camp," which recieved a limited regional release on November 18, 1983. Although the film was not a commercial success, it garnered a huge cult following and two sequels with actress Pamela Springsteen replacing Felissa in the series.
After appearing in Sleepaway Camp, Rose made some more sporadic appearances in a few television shows, such as "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" and "Prey," but her acting career never really took off and she mostly did several short films along with an appearance in the 1993 film, "The Night We Never Met." However, when the popularity of "Sleepaway Camp" took off, she was contacted in 1993 by Jeff Hayes, the creator of "The Official Sleepaway Camp Website," and they collaborated together on a sequel to the movie that later became "Return To Sleepaway Camp," a straight-to-DVD film where Rose once again reprised her character.
Now an established horror movie icon, Rose started acting again, and appeared in the movies "Zombiegeddon," "Nikos," "Sludge," "Horror" and "Satan's Playground" through the early 2000s. In addition, she co-hosted the 2005 Village Halloween Parade in New York City with fellow scream queens Debbie Rochon and Raine Brown. After "Return to Sleepaway Camp" was released, she starred in "Hotdog Casserole" and in the segment "Dinner Guest" in the anthology horror film, "The Perfect House." Her other roles included parts in the Francis Xavier thriller "Poe," and the horror films "Family Possessions" and "Death House." She also had a recurring voice credit on "The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs."
Today, Rose lives in California with her husband, former CKY singer/guitarist Deron Miller. Married since 2006, they have three children.