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"Now, where did I leave that citric acid? Oh yes, upstairs in the refrigerator." - Fletcher DuBois

Fletcher DuBois is a brilliant yet eccentric doctor and biochemist whose research career spans the Global Medicine Group and BioMart Medical Company in Albany, New York. He also has a daughter, Janet DuBois with his wife, Louise DuBois.
Born and raised in Collinsport, Maine, DuBois studied at Harvard Medical School where he majored in biology, science and medicine. Although brilliant, he had a child-like quality about him that made him eccentric to his peers and implacably honest toward others. While working on his doctorate in New York city, he befriended a struggling actress named Louise DuBois who was enchanted by his wistful personality. When BioMart hired him to head their research division, Fletcher and Louise returned to her hometown of Ashford Falls where they married under local pastor Charles Hegg.
Fletcher and Louise eventually had a daughter named Janet, who was born the same day as Rachel Hedison, the daughter of local industrialist Carter Hedison. Louise was able to hire a nanny named Samantha Troy through the support of Monica Hedison, Rachel's mother, who also set up a trust fund to help school her. Though Fletcher didn't understand where the money came from, Louise convinced him that he had set it up, and Fletcher believed her than question it.
After Louise passed away in 1967, Fletcher retired from Biomart and started working as a biology teacher at Ashford Falls High School where his presence became a challenge to Janet during her teenage years. Although they remained close, his presence during her teenage years bordered between tumultuous and civil. He thought she had a good match in Ty Hedison, who pursued her as his girlfriend, but Janet instead dated boys that catered to her scientific interests, such as Max Hallstrom and Danny Featherstone.
Fletcher returned to his scientific pursuits after Janet left for college and spent his time trying to improve headache remedies and vitamin supplements. He eventually began developing the Meta-Pill, a nutrient he believed that could ensure weight loss, but he ended up casually bragging about his research for it while assisting at Ashford Falls General Hospital. Although incomplete, the project was leaked to Carter Hedison, who wanted to pay for developing it, but Fletcher started snubbing him, wanting its worth to go to Janet instead of the Hedison Family who he had began to suspect were corrupt. Because of these beliefs, Fletcher decided to back candidate Nate Featherstone in the 1991 mayoral election against the Hedison's candidate, Carl Griggs. Fletcher and Nate became good friends as a result.
Unfortunately, Fletcher was experiencing a bout of severe headaches which he blamed on his Spring allergies. Fighting the pain off with his own remedies, he ignored the pain for as long as he could unaware he was suffering from a brain tumor. (Ironically, Dr. Kirkwood later prescribed a variant of this remedy to Blake Hedison a few months later as per Rachel Hedison's request.) He finally collapsed during one of Nate's campaigns, begging Nate to look after Janet if he didn't make it. He died on the way to the hospital.
Janet later named a college scholarship after her father to help students pursuing scientific careers.