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"How would you like another hamburger?" - George Albert

George Albert is a Christian preacher and social worker from Philadelphia as well as a professional Santa Claus. Well-known for his charitable pursuits, he was an unofficial foster father to Ty Hedison, later taking his experience as his mentor to help other troubled teenagers.
Born in 1931 in Georgetown, Colorado, Albert dropped out of high school to join the United States Army and rose to the rank of drill sergeant before he left the service. At some point in his life, he had a daughter, Mavis Albert out of wedlock with Theodosia Dunn, the daughter of a well-to-do family in Memphis, Tennessee, but he lost contact with her over the years while stationed in Japan. After his tour of service was over, he tried her tracking her down, but the Dunn Family had moved away from Memphis for points west.
Using his pension, Albert opened Al's Place, a diner on Tenth Street in Philadelphia. At some time in the 1980s, Albert met Ty Hedison trying to hold up his diner near closing. Living on the streets since his escape from the Edmonds School For Wayward Boys, Ty had been encouraged to hold up the place by Nicole Browne for money to travel to California. However, upon meeting Ty, Albert responded calmly and civilized, talking down Ty to give up his gun, sit down and have a hamburger. Responding with kindness, Albert became friends with Ty and gave him a job working with him and a home in his storeroom. Behind the scenes, however, Ty kept seeing Nicole and after almost a year, she convinced Ty to leave Philadelphia and fight for his share of of his inheritance in Ashford Falls.
For several years, Albert had no idea what had happened to Ty, and after retiring and selling the diner, he started working a part-time job as a projectionist at the local movie house while continuing to preach on the side. In 1991, he was contacted by Dr. Julius Hoffman at Ardmore Sanitarium where Ty had ended up after a nervous breakdown. Traveling to the hospital, Albert was joined by Bradley Larrabee, Ty's cousin and childhood friend in giving Ty the support he needed to recuperate and once more leave the hospital.
Sadly, Albert passed away in 1995 shortly after helping Ty, and he was buried near Georgetown close to his family. With his death, Mavis inherited the bulk of his estate. Traveling to Ashford Falls, she met Ty and told him just how much he meant to her father and leaving him with her father's military dog tags and scrapbook of his life.