"I've got to get to... Cleveland? I hate Cleveland!" - Jack Gates

Jackson Russell Gates is an American businessman, philanthropist, socialite, raconteur and media personality based in New York City. Due to his acumen in the business world, he has been nick-named as "The Wolf of Wall Street," a billionaire on par with Thurston Howell III, Evan Drake, Walden Schmidt and the late J. R. Ewing.
Gates was born January 9, 1930 at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in the Queens area of New York City. He was the only child of American diplomat Donald Gates and Ivanka Petrovna, the daughter of a Russian diplomat. Ivanka also has two daughters by her first marriage, Natalia and Angelina.
Gates grew up in the Jamaica Estates neighborhood of Queens, New York and attended the Kew-Forest School, later getting enrolled in the New York Military Academy where he excelled in sports, theater and science. He attended Fordham University and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania two years later where his studies were in math and science. Although he was interested in serving in the Armed Forces during World War Two, he was dismissed since he was still underage, but he still served in a limited capacity in Korea and Viet Nam, encountering Carter Hedison for the first time in Taiwan and worked briefly as a military liaison with the American press.
At 25, Gates entered the business world by working alongside his uncle, Ronald Gates, in the real estate business which he considered boring. He traveled the world, building a network of contacts and investors that helped him to his own research and development company. He met his first wife, Natalia Petrash, the daughter of a Russian businessman, in Greece, and despite the fact she was four years younger, they married and had a daughter, Katrina Gates. Natalia passed away a few years later of what was believed to be an aneurysm.
Gates further built his company after inheriting his uncle's real estate business. Leaving the real estate business to be run by Ted Freeling, his investment banker, he instead ran the scientific development part of the company, buying prototypes and investing in young entrepreneurs. He was also interested in entertainment and often invested in plays. He met his second wife, Catherine Demetrias, an Albanian actress, at a production of "Fiddler on the Roof," and they had two children, Jack Gates Jr. and Chelsea Gates, and after they divorced, Jack romanced and married his nanny, Alexandra Russoff, who gave birth to the twins, John and James Gates.
As Gates' fortunes grew, he became highly philanthropic, donating money to the arts and worthy charities, such as the NAACP and to AIDS and cancer research. Although raised Lutheran, his fourth wife, Sophia Lopez, a Mexican businesswoman, briefly converted him to Catholicism. They had two children, Jesse and Chelsea Gates.
Through his career, Gates has been painted as somewhat ruthless and unscrupulous in his business dealings. He has three times been accused of insider trading and seven times of defrauding his investors. Since 1980, he has regularly over-paid on his taxes to avoid getting audited. Both Carter Hedison and Tate Fitz-Gibbon have reckoned with him in the stock market. Most of his business success seems partly derived from Freeling's real estate dealings, particularly in remodeling and reopening derelict hotels, while the rest is from his scientific patents and robotic creations. In 1989, Gates suffered a mild heart attack and had to curb his preference for extravagant food. He took a sabbatical in the Caribbean where he met Miranda Lupina Cortez, a Mexican model, in Aruba. After marrying her, they had three kids, Jason Gates, Jasper Gates and Celeste Gates.
Shortly after moving back to NYC, Gates was contacted by Janet DuBois through businessman Nate Featherstone. DuBois was interested in selling her father's unpublished medical patents to Gates to prevent Carter Hedison from acquiring them. In doing so, he planned to meet Janet in Ashford Falls surreptitiously under the name "Jack Gable" through help from Dr. Elizabeth Freeling. However, when TV producer Jack Gable was in a local car accident, she became convinced he was Jack Gates. Likewise convinced was Carter and his daughter, Rachel Hedison, who tried to manipulate Gable into giving her Fletcher DuBois's formula for the Meta-Pill. Gates confronted Gable at his hotel room and then at the Hedison Mansion, threatening him with a sawed-off double barrel shotgun to acquire the formula. Although Gates was later seen hurrying from the mansion, Gable was never seen again.
Since acquiring the Dubois patents, Gates has tried to dismiss some of his public image by getting more involved the arts, such as funding Broadway plays and appearing as himself on television. He has half-seriously debated running for public office despite the fact that he hates politics.


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