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Jennifer Hood is an American film actress known for her roles in "A Night in Chaney Manor" and "Party of the Demons" as well as her roles in Beyond Our Dreams and "CSI: Nashville."
Born May 7, 1966 in Salem, Oregon, the second youngest of six children, Hood moved to Los Angelos, California when she was seven years old. She attended North Hollywood High School with Alex Lambert. Her interest in acting was supported by her mother, who signed her with an agent when she was seven years old. After making commercials for Jello, McDonalds, Jif and United Airlines, she was spotted to star in "That Fifties Show" as the eight-year-old sister of Richie Johnson. During the run of the series, she also appeared in "The Courtship of Freddie's Father," "My Three Daughters," "Bobcats," "Family Troubles" and "The Daltons."
In 1986, Hood starred in "The Craddocks," a live-action version of the Gothic Fifties cartoon, starting a long run of horror movies in her career including "Party of the Demons" with Alyssa Rees-Jones and "The Haunting of Chaney Manor," directed by Mickey Schwartz. To shed her horror image, she changed her hair to blonde and starred in the TV-movie "Marilyn Reborn" as a clone of Marilyn Monroe.
While living in New York City, Hood began attending Marymount College, studying Psychology and Religious History. She took brief roles in a few TV shows, such as "Edge Of Tomorrow" and "Nurses," ending up getting a recurring role as Dr. Elizabeth Freeling on Beyond Our Dreams. After the series ended, she got the role of DNA expert Tricia Hammond on the long-running "CSI: Nashville" with Darien Lambert and Priscilla Halliwell.
During the run of the series, she garnered critical acclaim and was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in 1998 for the film "The Opposite of Sin."