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Laura Claybourne is an English-American actress best known for her parts in the TV shows "Beyond Our Dreams" and "Cover Girls" as well as the movies "Distressed," "Bejeweled" and "Shrimp in the Bay."
Born to an affluent family in London in 1960, she began studying ballet at the age of six at the prestigious Royal Ballet School, a talent that lead to her getting the main role in "Carly and the Chocolate River Factory" at eleven years old directed by Mickey Schwartz. She went on to a long TV career afterward starring in "And Mother Makes Three," "Great Mysteries" and "Within These Walls." Between TV roles, she starred in "The Governess," which garnered her favorable reviews, followed by the films "Parrot in a Cage," "Father's House" and "Day Before Yesterday."
In 1973, Claybourne became somewhat typecast in horror films after her performance in the occult thriller "The Legend of Hall Manor" in 1973 opposite Peter Vincent. Her following roles included parts in "The Devil's Dormitory," "Chiller," "The Vampire's Assistant," "The Haunted," and "Food from the Pods." In 1979, she starred in the movie, "Sinbad's Ocean Adventure," which garnered her accolades as a dancer and an actress, followed by "Bejeweled" and "The Ghost of the TItanic." She was also a recurring sketch actress on "Danny Hill At Large" while working as a model. Traveling to the United States, Laura received roles in the TV shows "Astro-Quest," "Psycho Dad," "Galaxy Quest," "Western Days," "My Two Moms" and "Four's Company" before getting the recurring role of Heather Gilchrist on "Edge of Tomorrow" with Celeste Talbert, Jeffrey Anderson, Montana Moorehead and Lori Craven. While on the series, she met writer Jack Gable who offered her the role of ambitious vixen Rachel Hedison on Beyond Our Dreams. The series propelled Claybourne to international success but she was often criticized in the tabloids for making extravagant requests while she was on the show. When her contract ended, the producers let her go declaring budget reasons over her salary. After "Beyond Her Dreams," Laura appeared on Broadway in New York City to moderate reviews, eventually getting hired as the game show hostess on the syndicated Cleveland series, "Barrel of Letters." In 1995, she returned to play Rachel in the TV-movie "Beyond Our Dreams: Return to Ashford Falls." The high ratings of the movie led to Laura returning to TV playing Julia Hoffman, the owner of a NYC modeling company in "Cover Girls," directed by her former "Beyond Our Dreams" co-star Dennis Graham. She later appeared in the horror mini-series "Greystone Manor," directed by Jack Gable who again offered her the role. She also had appearances in "McKenzie Falls" as the stepmother to Chad Dylan Cooper, "Zombie High" and "That's So Random." Off-screen, although she dated many of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors, she never married.
After "Cover Girls," Laura returned to "Edge of Tomorrow" for it's final season before joining the short-lived series "Nottingham" in 2004. She also dabbled in directing episodes of the daytime drama, "Blossom Hill."