"When did you start carrying a knife?" - Lou Riley

Louis Riley is a local private investigator and bodyguard suspected in several criminal activities around Ashford Falls, often employed by Carter Hedison to find blackmail information on his investors and business opponents.
Not much is known about Riley's past, but it is known he once worked as a police detective who faked evidence in a murder investigation and was removed from the force. Turning up in Ashford Falls around 1985, he eventually started doing investigative work for Carter Hedison, primarily regarding business associates such as Nathan Featherstone, Jack Gates and J. Peter Reason. Over time, Riley's activities started to turn more criminal, and he started delving into more unethical means to discredit Carter's rivals, such as planting evidence on Nate's son, Danny Featherstone, to frame him for drinking and driving and the vehicular manslaughter of Amelia Warren. He was also hired by Carter's daughter, Rachel Hedison to look into the past of Angel Harker, her rival for the attention of Dr. Paul Kirkwood. Several months later, Riley uncovered that Angel had been accused of surgical malpractice in the death of Marcie Hastings, a forty-year old mother in New York City. When Paul tried to impede Rachel from going through the extortion, she asked Riley to distract him. Attracted to Rachel, Riley then attempted to kill Paul, but Angel took the bullet herself. In the aftermath, Riley fled Ashford Falls for a stay in Maine for several months, befriending Bud Mason in the process.
Several months later, Carter called Riley back to Ashford Falls to muscle in favors in the election of Carl Griggs as town mayor and to intimidate Fletcher DuBois into selling his medical formulas, particularly the Meta-Pill. After Dubois passed away, Riley and Mason broke into the DuBois House to steal his formulas and terrorized his daughter, Janet DuBois, but they were fought off by Jack Gable under mysterious circumstances.
Riley also frequently earned the ire of Sheriff David Carmichael and often treated him with contempt and frustration. However, they worked together to investigate the Children of The Sun, a wandering cult that had taken over the local Hathaway Mansion. During their time working together to get the cult out of town, Carmichael questioned Riley's in his interest to the Hedison Family and encouraged him to fall back into more legitimate employment. Although Riley seemed interested in the idea, his later activities since have yet to be revealed.

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