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"Fletcher, you forgot your lunch again!" - Louise Dubois

Louise DuBois is a native of Ashford Falls, New York, the daughter of the contractor for Winchester Quarries and a descendant of Nicholas Adams, a prominent first citizen of Ashford Falls
The middle child of a large family, Louise grew up quiet and introverted, often forgotten by her parents in her crowded household. Her Aunt Mariel took her for vacations in New York City where she became of fan of motion pictures. After graduating high school, she moved to NYC and tried to be an actress, but she only found roles as background characters in small poorly funded plays in nightclubs and public restaurants. The ordeal depressed her and lowered her self-worth, but what acting jobs she had lifted her spirits and convinced her she might just make it.
While working in her aunt's restaurant as a waitress, Louise met and befriended medical student Fletcher DuBois. His cheerful eccentric personality was a good remedy for her long history of mental depression and after dating him for years struggling to be an actress, she eventually married him and gave him a daughter, Janet DuBois. Being a wife and mother replaced her desires to be an actress, but her melancholy always returned even after Fletcher bought her home home in Ashford Falls to be closer to her family and friends, like Lisa Caldwell. Eventually, she couldn't shake the feeling she would pass away before Janet reached adulthood. Given Fletcher's personal quirks and constant distractions, she feared he would not be able to raise Janet on his own. After Janet's birth, Louise confessed her fears to her old schoolmate, Lisa Caldwell, now a nurse at Ashford Falls Community General Hospital and they plotted to swap Janet's daughter with Carter's daughter. Unfortunately, the swap was too easily noticed and Rachel's mother, Monica Hedison, confronted Lisa about the switch, leading to a three-way meeting between the three women. Understanding Louise's plight, Monica promised to look over Janet and secretly started a trust fund that would cover her needs and schooling. Neither Fletcher or Monica's husband, industrialist Carter Hedison, learned about the trust fund.
Despite her friendship with Lisa and Monica, Louise never really conquered her melancholy or depression. Fletcher had her checked out by Dr. Albert Waverly at Ashford Falls General Hospital where they learned she was in the early stages of lung cancer. Although Louise had stopped smoking when she learned she was pregnant with Janet, the condition was still progressing. Fletcher stayed by her side as she went through therapy, but she passed away in the Fall of 1975 with Fletcher holding her in his arms. Both Lisa and Monica attended her funeral.

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