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Madelyne "Maddie" Bouchard is an American actress possibly best known for her role as Marcia Caldwell on "Beyond Our Dreams."
Bouchard was born January 9, 1980 in Forest Green (formerly Crystal Lake), Connecticut, notorious for the Eighties crime spree of serial killer Jason Voorhees. She was raised in Queens, New York where she attended Forest Hills High School.
At the age of seven, Bouchard beat out almost 1,200 girls auditioning for the role of Marcia Caldwell, the daughter of character Tricia Caldwell on "Beyond Our Dreams" and starred in the recurring role for all five years of the series, becoming friends with her co-stars William Rollins, Sonny Lumet and Laura Claybourne.
Hoping to expand her career, Maddie and her family moved to Los Angeles, California, landing her first movie role in "Haunted House Musical" and TV roles in "The Hotel Life of Jack and Zoe," "McKenzie Falls," "Zombie High," "That's So Random" and "Ferbus and Finn" as well as a reprise of her role in "Beyond Our Dreams: Return to Ashford Falls."
In 2000, Bouchard briefly retired from acting to attend Tulane College in New Orleans with her boyfriend, James William Cassidy. She also became involved in a reported paranormal investigation of the local Broussard Mansion that landed her a part on "Hollywood Ghost Stories," an appearance that allowed her to host the paranormal documentary "Most Haunted Houses" for three seasons.
Bouchard has since gone on to make the movies "Cinnamon Snaps," "McMurphy's Law," "Superhero Academy" and "Horror Movie 5," the fifth installment in the "Horror Movie" parody franchise.