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"And you're going to make one too many passes at some other woman! My husband, huh! My gigolo!" - Nancy Archer

Nancy Archer is a California heiress and native of Hitchcock, California. Her father was industrialist Harrison Fowler.
Born in 1930, Nancy lost her mother at a very young age and was raised almost exclusively by her father and family manservant, Jess Stout. She grew up to be a beautiful voluptuous young woman, persistently wooed by several admirers, but among them, her most ardent admirer was William Butler, the son of the local theater owner. Her father, however, pushed her to consider Harry Archer, the scion of the wealthy Archer Family, considering Butler and his family below his expectations for his daughter. A theater arts major in college, Nancy married Harry in 1953.
After her father's death, Nancy started leaning on Harry more and more in her father's absence. Cut off from his family's fortune because of his philandering, Harry began using the Fowler wealth to keep up with his taste for high-living. He also continued his philandering ways around Nancy, mostly with a young dancer named Honey Parker. The realization drove Nancy to alcoholism, and she ended up in a mental hospital to regain her sobriety, looked over by Dr. Frederick Cushing, a close friend of her family.
Eventually, Cushing pushed Nancy to reunite with Harry, who promised to stop cheating on her. In actuality, he was getting more skilled in concealing his adultery, going as far as paying loyal deputy, Charlie Spooner, to cover up his whereabouts. However, the secret still became known through rumors and Nancy started hearing about it once more through hearsay and innuendo.
In the Spring of 1958, Nancy attended a party with friends in nearby Fairvale with Harry sneaking out to meet Honey. On her drive back alone, she was nearly struck by a strange craft that swerved close to the road over her car. As she watched, the pod hovered before her as a twenty-foot tall figure emerged from it and started reaching for her. Terrified, she fled to town on foot, alerting Sheriff Arnold Dubbett and Charlie. When they investigated, they found no evidence of what she described and blamed the vision on her drinking. Despite that allegation, Nancy insisted on her version of events, calling the object a "satellite." (At this time, the term "UFO" had not yet reached the American nomenclature.) She insisted on Harry helping her look for it in the hills north of town. In the course of the events, Harry and Nancy had an experience that forced him to leave Nancy abandoned in the desert, purportedly from encountering the reported "satellite."
Following the encounter, Nancy was kept home bound for several weeks while in the throes of an undetermined illness. In her weakened state, Harry was able to see Honey Parker almost full time. There are rumors that Honey may have tried to murder Nancy in order for Harry to acquire full control of her family fortune, but the actual details of these events were never made public. According to the newspaper events of the time, a tornado ended up wrecking much of the town, and Harry and Honey were killed when the roof caved in at the local tavern known as Tony's Bar. Many of the witnesses were scattered by unidentified agents to prevent the truth of the buried incidents from becoming public; among them, Dr. Cushing ended up as a physician at Ardmore Sanitarium in Mill City, New York and Nancy vanished from Hitchcock, reportedly finishing her recuperation in a hospital in France. In her absence, the Fowler estate became known as a reputed haunted house and became home to a number of squatters. Much of her family holdings became acquired by other businessmen, like J. Peter Reason and Jack Gates.
In 1998, Nancy Archer became a source of interest to Melissa Strickland and Jenny Turbeville in their research of events considered paranormal and supernatural through papers left by Cushing at Ardmore. Their research lead them to similar events in Candy Rock and Hainesville, California. While their connection between the three events were never revealed, they still remain interested in exposing the cover-up over the real events.
In 2001, Nancy Archer reportedly showed up at the Captain Stu's Funland Center in Santa Clarita, California, regaling several tourists of a UFO she saw in 1958. However, whether this was actually Nancy or an impostor has yet to be revealed.