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"Hey, how you doing there, little buddy!" - Nate Featherstone

Nathan "Nate" Featherstone is a local Ashford Falls millionaire, entreprenuer and businessman and a well-liked member of the community. He is the husband of former actress Naomi Featherstone and father of Caitlin and Danny Featherstone.
Born in Annapolis, Maryland, Nate Featherstone is the son of shipping baron Jacob William Featherstone and Anna Featherstone. His father often took them on vacations to Ashford Falls where they had family, and Nate liked the small town setting so much that after he made his fortune, he made Ashford Falls his home. He served two separate tours while in the United States Navy, leaving the service after the death of his wife in 1967. He invested in and eventually purchased the lumber mills of the late Gage Winchester as well as the old granite quarries east of Ashford Falls, building a fortune that rivaled local socialite Carter Hedison. Although Hedison held Featherstone in contempt for acquiring the lumber mills out from under him, Featherstone perpetually considered their rivalry a friendly feud, barely paying much attention to it.
In 1986, Featherstone gave his blessing when Blake Hedison started courting his daughter, Caitlin, looking forward to their up-coming wedding as a way of finally ending the hostility with Carter Hedison. However, Carter encouraged his daughter, Rachel Hedison, to do what she could to ruin Blake and Caitlin's courtship, even going as far as having her step-brother, Ty Hedison, to seduce Caitlin and imply an infidelity, but Ty instead ended up dating local girl Amelia Warren for two months, having mistaken her for Caitlin. Caitlin's brother, Danny Featherstone, also opposed their relationship, often working with Rachel behind the scenes to stir turmoil through Blake and Caitlin's relationship.
During financial troubles at Hedison Pharmaceuticals, Carter tried selling off the Winchester Hotel owned by his late wife to cover business interests and placate investors, but to do so he had to falsify the ownership papers. He then used subterfuge to get Nathan interested in his sister Naomi Hedison in order to get Nate interested in buying the hotel. While Nate did become fond of Naomi, she ended up talking him out of purchasing the derelict old hotel which frustrated Carter enough to have her forcibly committed. Losing Naomi deeply upset Nathan, but when Rachel learned her father had tried selling off her inheritance, she sold a few of shares in Hedison Pharmaceuticals to Nathan which angered her father. Although the purchase lifted the value of the company's stocks, Carter didn't want Nate as a stockholder in his company and eventually offered to buy them back when Nathan encouraged by members of the community ran for mayor of Ashford Falls in the 1991 Election. Nathan used the money from the purchase as an investment in his campaign, but Carter was actually backing Nathan's rival Carl Griggs for the seat. During the election, Rachel Hedison pretended to date Danny in order to frame him for drinking and driving and the vehicular manslaughter of Amelia, the scandal of which affected Nathan's run for mayor, but local physician Dr. Paul Kirkwood found evidence that showed that Amelia had taken her life by jumping in front of the car while Ty Hedison was actually driving. Losing the election, Nathan by now realized he had soured on the idyllic small town setting because of the Hedisons, selling the quarry and lumber yards to billionaire Jack Gates and moving to Baltimore where he retired.