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New York Delicatessen

The New York Delicatessen is a local Ashford Falls eatery on Main Street known for it's New York-style sandwiches and dishes. It was built to match the architectural style of the original New York Delicatessen on West 57th Street in New York City. For this reason, it is sometimes locally known as the West 57th Street Delicatessen.
The eatery first appeared mysteriously in the Ashford Falls Town Square during the weekend of Jack Gable's visit to Ashford Falls. Owned and run by Manny Kretchmer, the owner of the New York restaurant, its exterior appearance on the square is a violation to the historical zoning laws protecting the appearance of the square, but it still manages to be a popular restaurant and gathering place in town.
Selling over twenty-five styles of sandwiches with a number of side items, the location is also available for catering, but most of its business is from its lunch and dinner crowds. Jack took Janet DuBois here on their first date together, and Dr. Paul Kirkwood has ordered lunch from here, sometimes meeting Helen Caldwell or Rachel Hedison here. Lionel Creekmore, Benny Waverly, Sabrina Collins, Len Snedeker, Danny Featherstone, Dr. Elizabeth Freeling and Maury Gifford have also been seen dining here.