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"Oh, trust me, the name "Harry Potter" is going to be very famous someday." - Samantha Troy

Samantha Troy was a nanny to Fletcher DuBois and Louise DuBois in Ashford Falls in the Late Sixties and Early Seventies. Not much is known about her, but she is apparently far older than she seems, apparently maintaining a youthful appearance and capable of feats and accomplishments that locals might perceive as "magic." As a nanny to young Rachel Hedison and Janet DuBois, she had a seemingly mystical rapport with the girls as infants and an ability to somehow get numerous chores done at once.
According to her resume, Samantha has been a nanny to several children over the years, including but not limited to Marilyn Munster of Mockingbird Heights, California and Richard Petrie of New Rochelle, New York. She was later hired by Monica Hedison to help with her children, Rachel and Blake Hedison in 1963. Although Monica gave Samantha a room in the Hedison Mansion, Samantha seemed to make her home somewhere else in town. However, Monica later arranged to have Samantha work for Louise DuBois and help raise Janet DuBois for the rest of her employment.
After Louise passed away, her husband let Samantha go to raise Janet by himself. She later turned up in Westport, Connecticut, helping raise Amanda Stephens, the second daughter of Darren and Samantha Stephens, the children of the Collins Family in Collinsport, Maine and Christine Seaver for Dr. Jason and Maggie Seaver of Massapequa, New York. However, by this point, she was going by the name "Julie Costello." She has also gone by the names "Tabitha Reason" and "Sabrina Jordson."
Samantha briefly returned to Ashford Falls in Late 1988 as a student at Ashford Falls Christian Normal, becoming friends with Janet DuBois and Deborah Nordoff. After graduating, she was last seen hitch-hiking out of town for a nanny job in Cape Side, Massachusetts and crossing Coogan's Creek. She later turned up as a nursing student in London as friends with Helen Caldwell and Lisa Craigmiles, protecting Helen from Loren Rhodes. Her current whereabouts are unrevealed.