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The Sidewalk Restaurant is a public eatery located on Winchester Road in Ashford Falls, New York. Formerly the Patio Cafe, it was founded in the Eighties on the plot of land created when Mayor Lionel Creekmore redirected part of Highway 12 away from the Ashford Falls Town Square. With the highway moved to preserve the structures on the square, a building was built on the corner of the square where main street connected with Winchester Road. That structure later became Pierce Veterinary, while the remaining space on Winchester Road became patio seating for a diner on the spot that became the Patio Cafe.
Known for gourmet sandwiches and continental dishes, the cafe closed down around 1989 as the exhaust from the cars going by made the extra seating unforgiving. While it was closed, Nicole Browne lived illegally on the property, but after she left town, the location re-opened as the Sidewalk Cafe. having taken over extra space from the warehouse next to it as a dining area. The outside seating on the street is still available to its clientele but it mostly optional. Annie Houghton and Mae Tisdale are former waitresses.
Its customers include Janet DuBois, Dr. Alan Fairwood, Daniel Waverly, Jason Pryde, Marcia Caldwell, Douglas Greer, Deborah Nordoff and former mayor Lionel Creekmore.