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"I don't do housework. That's why God gave us kids to do chores." - Tricia Creekmore

Patricia Creekmore is a citizen of Ashford Falls, New York and the daughter of former mayor Lionel Creekmore and local socialite Jacqueline Creekmore.
Born in Albany, New York around 1970, Tricia was the middle of three daughters, including Cathy Creekmore and Lisa Creekmore. She was nine years old when her father ran for mayor of Ashford Falls and won the election, moving the family to live in a house on Regal Drive. Under her father's administration, she had almost unfettered freedom as her father ran the local government and her mother became distracted by the social gatherings, forming the Ashford Falls Fine Arts League. Her older sister, Cathy, left as her babysitter, started dragging her to teenage parties, and at fifteen, Tricia began dragging her sister, Lisa, to local high school parties as well. By 1989, the girls' reputation became so bad that the excessive partying, drinking and late night carousing was a frequent fixture in the local newspaper. Both Cathy and Tricia had huge pizza parties on their parents's credit cards in the old Ashford Falls Courthouse, drank excessively in teenage gatherings at the Patio Cafe and attended illegal racing events along Haverstraw Road.
During her teenage years, Tricia dated Jeff "Rollo" Rolowitz, a member of her high school football team, who she considered then the love of her life. In 1985, Rollo took Tricia to the Old Trout House north of town, a local haunted house, for a party that included Monica Baldwin, Russell Coleman and other young adults. During the party, Tricia and the guests reportedly had several paranormal encounters including voices, apparitions and strange sounds. Although their stories were passed off by the public, Tricia's testimony was enough to land her a part on the TV Series, True and Real Ghost Stories of the Supernatural.
Tricia and the sisters excessive partying came to an end in 1986 when Cathy took her mother's car on a forbidden car trip to visit old friends in Albany by herself. Embarrassed by their exploits in the press and pushed to the brink, their father sent Cathy to boarding school in Connecticut and hired Chloe Waverly as a full time chaperone for the girls. Tricia stopped seeing Rollo after that edict and with Lisa, the two girls settled down, losing most of their freedom and much of their social life.
In 1990, Tricia attended Siena College in Albany, New York with several friends, majoring in law and human relations. Interested in becoming a lawyer like her father, she also met Jack Bates, an architecture major, the two of them dating for four years until they married in 1995. They had three children together, raising them in Ashford Falls.
During the 1995 Mayoral Election in Ashford Falls, Tricia met and campaigned for candidate Sabrina Collins, who won the election. Collins was so impressed by Tricia's attention and diligence to work that she made her her assistant, granting her the equivalent of being the junior mayor through two more elections. In 2000, however, Lisa had to move into Tricia's house after being bankrupted by a client who refused to pay his bill. Still retaining some of her old party image, Lisa soon began disrupting what was Tricia's then orderly lifestyle. She broke all of the rules Tricia had for her house, told stories from Tricia's past to her nephew and nieces, spread her bad habits to them and all around treated Tricia and Jack with very little of the respect they earned in the community. Losing control in the house after three years of this behavior, Jack soon ordered Tricia to throw Lisa out of their home or face a divorce. Facing this ultimatum, Tricia threw him out of the house.
Faced with the chaos she had created, Lisa eventually moved out and borrowed money from her mother to get an apartment at the Owens Street Apartments. Tricia and Jack soon had marriage counseling and returned back to each other.