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"But don't you see... If Janet's my sister, I still have a chance with Rachel!" - Ty Hedison

Ty Hedison is the son of William Malloy and Monica Hedison of Ashford Falls, New York. Through his step-father, Carter Hedison, he has one half-brother, Blake Hedison, and a half-sister, Rachel Hedison. Born Tyler Malloy, Ty has a long troubled history with periods of amnesia and psychological problems hinged by self-loathing and a lack of emotional support. He is possibly best known for trying to get fatherly approval from his step-father, Carter Hedison.
Born in nearby Lake George, New York, Ty is the daughter of conservationalist William Malloy and hotel heiress Monica Winchester, daughter of Gage Winchester, who built the Winchester Hotel north of Ashford Falls in 1908. Ty's father passed away under strange circumstances while he was an infant, and Monica eventually met Carter who she had met at a party in her father's hotel in 1958. Her father encouraged the relationship, and the two married the following year. They had two children, Blake Hedison was born in 1959, and Rachel was born in 1960.
Although Monica had encouraged Carter to adopt her son and give him his name, Carter never cared much for the boy as much as he did for his real son and daughter. Growing up, Ty was very loved by Monica, but he had no patience for young Blake and Rachel as kids. He became incorrigible as a child and developed as quite a bully. He was blamed for a fire at the original Hedison Mansion in 1967, which was rebuilt as a gift by Monica's father, and another fire at the Winchester Hotel in 1968, which forced it to close down. Ty also resorted to stealing to get attention, and Carter kept the his antics secret for the time, but when Carter nearly lost his life in a car accident in the family limousine, he blamed Ty, sending the boy off to reform school. Monica eventually abandoned Carter and left Ashford Falls, flying to England with Blake and Rachel where she had relatives, but through Carter's secret liaisons, he retained custody of Blake as Monica becgan divorce prodecures.
Attending the Edmonds School for Wayward Boys, Ty's personality stabilized under the tutlegde of George Albert, a preacher who treated Ty like his own son. Ty began to care for George, but when another fire broke out started by other boys, Ty caught the blame and he fled the school, ending up in Philadelphia by train car where he became friends with Nicole Browne, a street-wise orphan living in a deserted tenement. The two of them became lovers, but when Nicole discovered Ty came from money, she encouraged him to fight for his inheritance.
Now twenty years old, Ty returned to Ashford Falls encouraged by Nicole to exact revenge on Carter Hedison and holding him captive in his library study, but he was prevented from killing Carter by Edward Ashworth, the family manservant. His return forced Monica's return to Ashford Falls, bringing Rachel with her. She promised to return home if Carter promised not to persecute her son which he did. Ty was encouraged by his mother to attend counseling at Ardmore Sanitarium in Mill City, but he felt betrayed by Nicole as she started romancing Blake around his fiancee, Caitlin Featherstone. His feelings were also being manipulated by Rachel. Unaware they were half-siblings, Rachel used sexual favors to get what she wanted from him, but they never consummated their alledged attraction. Ty briefly became attracted to local girl, Janet DuBois, but nothing resolved of their relationship, but when Monica died as a result of one of Carter's business deals, Ty had an emotional breakdown and had to completely committed.
While in Ardmore, Ty became attacked by two other inmates and lost his left eye in the fight. The beating he took also left him with amnesia and doctors recommended that Ty returning back to Ashford Falls would be good for his therapy. Carter Hedison still wan't interested in the new sedated Ty, but he knew the bad publicity rejecting him would ruin his public image. Returning home, Ty once again struggled to get Carter's approval, and as well recalled some sort of attraction for Rachel that went unfulfilled. He was frequently and often exploited by Rachel in her schemes to get control of the family fortune, and over the years, Edward changed his opinion on the tortured young man, trying to help him when he could. When Helen Caldwell tried to proved Rachel and Janet had been switched at birth, Ty saw it as his chance to have a relationship with Rachel, who he now saw as his true love. Rather than deal with him any further, Carter had Ty re-institutionalized.
Re-united with George Albert at Ardmore, Ty once again started recovering once more while away from Ashford Falls. He became attracted to another patient named Patience Worth and they had a relationship. Albert also found him a home in Lake George, which he shared with Patience. In 1995, Rachel tracked him down and discreetly introduced Ty to William Samuelson to reveal the truth of their mother's murder to him, but it backfired when Ty's amnesia broke and he recalled years of abuse from Carter and Rachel, as well as his unreciprocated feelings for Janet and Nicole. Crashing the mayoral election of Sabrina Collins, Ty threatened to kill everyone present and himself, but Patience came after him and set fire to the place, spiriting herself and Ty for someplace unknown in the confusion.