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"What do you do with a drunken sailor...." - Bill Malloy

William Malloy is a native of Collinsport, Maine and a former member of the Merchant Marine with brief ties to the Hedison Family. He had been a major love interest in the life of Monica Hedison and became the father of Ty Hedison. A rational hard-working person with a sense of honor and justice, his life left a major impact on both the Collins and Hedison Families.
Bill Malloy is a native of the seaside village of Collinsport, Maine. Not much of his life is known, but it is known he worked as a conservationist before joining the Merchant Marines. Sailing up and down the coast, he became friends with Collinsport artist Sam Evans and local student Burke Devlin. He also developed a relationship with Ashford Falls heiress Monica Winchester during trips to New York City, visiting her often while back from sea. Although they loved each other, Monica was not accustomed to his long trips away at sea, and her father tried to convince her to pursue a relationship with someone more grounded to home. In the Forties, he took a job in the Collins Shipping Fleet and worked his way up to manager of the fleet, trying to convince Monica to come live with him, but by now, Rachel was getting attention from a new beau named Carter Hedison.
It is not clear as to what happened between Bill and Monica. According to Bill, he confessed to delaying his marriage to Monica until it was too late and she had married someone else. Monica described their relationship as romantic but complicated by his life at sea. She had a son by Bill, Tyler Malloy, in 1958, but by time Malloy learned this, she was already married to Carter. Bill also seemed uncomfortable by her wealthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, Monica sent constant letters to Bill telling him about his son through Collinsport.
In Collinsport, Malloy struck up a long-lasting friendship with Elizabeth Collins-Stoddard while unaware of her own family's wealth at the time. After Monica's marriage, he tried to see her more romantically, as well as acting a recurring father figure to her daughter, Carolyn Stoddard. Every morning, Bill came down to the docks to see the boats go out and often called Liz Stoddard each morning regarding the business, often heading up to see her in her home once a week to get her approval on important business decisions. He never missed a day at the office, and Liz considered him the most reliable man she had ever known.
In 1957, Bill gave support to Sam Evans while he was grieving over the death of his wife. Attending the funeral were Burke Devlin, Elizabeth, her brother, Roger, Roger's wife, Laura, and local fisherman Ben Hansen. When Hansen was struck and killed after leaving the funeral, Roger claimed Burke was the driver of the vehicle and took advantage of Sam to frame Burke, paying him off as well. Bill on the other hand suspected the truth but could never prove it.
When Burke Devlin returned to Collinsport in 1967, after having spent five years in prison for the crime, Bill suspected he had come back to destroy Roger Collins out of revenge, even trying to send Carolyn Stoddard off on a trip with his niece and her daughter, Jenny, to protect her from the battle; however, Carolyn refused the offer. Bill eventually told Elizabeth that he was going to do whatever it took to protect her with or without her permission and made a deal with Burke, promising to clear him of his manslaughter charge if he promised to leave Elizabeth, Carolyn and Roger's son, David, out of his vengeance plot. Burke agreed, and Bill set about gathering evidence to prove his innocence. Eventually finding Roger and Sam arguing at Sam's house, Bill later got Sam drunk at which point he admitted to being the only thing standing between Roger Collins and a prison sentence. Bill then organized a meeting between Roger, Sam and Burke in order to stop Burke's plan against the Collins family, but after leaving Collinwood, the Collins family home, Bill came into contact Matthew Morgan, the family caretaker, who believed that Bill was trying to cause trouble for Elizabeth. A fight ensued, and Matthew got the upper hand, pushing Bill over the cliffs to his death.
After his death, Bill's ghost reportedly appeared at various points to David Collins and his nanny, Victoria Winters. His housekeeper, Sarah Johnson, eventually went to work for the Collins at Burke's behest trying to solve Malloy's murder. Although Burke believed Roger had murdered Bill, Matthew eventually confessed to Victoria his involvement in the crime.